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Special Winter Assistance

Winter Reconnect Order (WRO)

During the winter heating season, special assistance is available to residential customers to help avoid a shutoff or to restore gas service until April 15.

Customers may maintain gas service or have it restored by paying the lesser of:

  1. The entire past-due balance on the gas bill;
  2. The past-due default payments if they are on a payment plan; or
  3. $175 - This option is available one time during the winter heating season. Once service is restored, the customer will be billed a reconnection fee and be set up on a Current Plus Payment Plan. PIPP Plus and Graduate PIPP Plus customers will be billed the difference between their past due balance and $175. Failure to pay the required amount by the bill due date will result in removal from PIPP Plus or Graduate PIPP Plus.


  • View, print or pay your bill online at anytime.
  • Receive email notifications before your bill is due.
  • eBill is available for both residential and non-residential customers.

Budget Billing

  • Avoid seasonal swings with Budget Billing.
  • Your monthly bill is the average of your previous 12 bills.
  • This option is also available for small businesses, mid-size businesses, and places of worship.

Third-Party Notice

Braille or Large Print Billing

  • You can request a braille or large print version of your bill at no cost by calling 800-362-7557.

Energy Assistance

Part of our commitment to community includes helping those in need. Our energy assistance initiatives are designed to fill the gaps in state and federal funding for low-income heating and cooling assistance programs.

Need help paying your bill?

You may qualify for a Payment Arrangement. Call us at 800-362-7557 as soon as possible so we can help you with payment plans or other payment assistance options.


EnergyShare is our fuel assistance program of last resort, designed to help individuals and families in need pay their gas bill.

To be eligible, customers must have a termination notice and must have exhausted all other state and federal fuel assistance resources. Seniors, age 60 and older, do not have to have a termination notice.

See details about the program or contact your local Salvation Army office to apply.


Funded by Dominion Energy Ohio, the Housewarming Program provides weatherization assistance to help eligible customers reduce their energy usage

The program offers free weather-stripping, attic and sidewall insulation, door sweeps, and other insulation devices. The Housewarming program also educates consumers on ways to use energy wisely.

For information, call CHN Housing Partners (formerly Cleveland Housing Network) 216-574-7100 or click here for more information.

Government Programs

Various government programs are available.

Check out the combined application to apply for PIPP Plus, HEAP, Emergency HEAP and Winter Crisis Program. Or, call Ohio HEAP at 800-282-0880.

2-1-1 Ohio

If you're past due on your energy bill or facing disconnection of your gas service, call 2-1-1. Trained professionals are available 24/7 to provide referrals to resources for basic human needs, child care, elder care, housing assistance and more.

Weatherization Assistance

Eligible customers may receive Weatherization Assistance from the Ohio Development Services Agency. This federally funded program provides grants for weatherization repairs.

For details, call us at 800-362-7557 or the Ohio HEAP office at 800-282-0880.

View the eligibility guidelines.


Available to qualified income-eligible customers, the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a government program that provides a credit for your heating bill. Although HEAP pays part of your gas bill, it is not a guarantee against shutoff. The filing deadline is usually March 31.

View the Eligibility Guidelines.

Applications are available at:

  • Post offices and libraries
  • By calling the Ohio HEAP office at 800-282-0880

Winter Crisis Program (WCP), or Emergency HEAP (E-HEAP), provides an emergency payment once each heating season to qualified income-eligible customers to help them avoid a shutoff or restore gas service. Program dates are normally November 1 through March 31.


PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan) Plus helps income-eligible customers maintain gas service by paying 6 percent of their total monthly household income or a $10 minimum payment—whichever is greater—all year.

Each time a customer makes their required PIPP Plus monthly payment by the due date, the account is credited for the rest of that month's billed amount, plus a 1/24th credit toward the prior account balance. After 24 months of full and on-time payments, the account should be current.

Two important dates will appear on customer bills:

  • Anniversary date: the original date of PIPP Plus enrollment
  • Re-verification date: the date by which the customer must re-verify gross household income through the Ohio Department of Development.

Note: To avoid gas service shut off and removal from the program, customers must make their scheduled PIPP Plus payments or make up any missed payments within 30 days from their anniversary date. They must also re-verify their gross monthly household income every 12 months.

Graduate PIPP Plus

The Graduate PIPP Plus program is designed for customers who:

  • are no longer income-eligible for PIPP Plus
  • do not re-verify their income by their re-verification date and make up any missed payments
  • voluntarily leave PIPP Plus
  • Graduate PIPP Plus can help these customers bring their account current in 12 months.

The monthly plan amount is the average of the customer's most recent PIPP Plus amount and the Budget Billing amount. For each payment made in full by the due date, the account will be credited for the rest of that month's billed amount, plus a 1/12th credit toward their prior account balance at time of enrollment.

Eligible customers can call us at 800-362-7557 to enroll.

Payment Arrangements

Budget Plus

Customers pay a special budget amount plus one of 12 equal payments of the past-due amount. The Budget Plus plan is subject to review periodically so customers only pay for the gas they use.

Current Plus

Customers pay their current charges and make one of up to six equal payments of the past-due amount each month.

One-third Winter Heating Plan

Customers pay one-third of the account balance if charges include gas used between November 1 and April 15.

One-ninth Payment Plan

Customers pay a special budget amount, plus one of nine equal payments of their past-due amount, each month.

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