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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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How to Read Your Meter

Your meter measures natural gas used in cubic feet. One cubic foot contains approximately 1,000 BTUs of heat--the equivalent of burning 1,000 kitchen matches.

Meters have four or five dials; some with clockwise numbering, others are counter-clockwise. Record the smaller number if the pointer is between two numbers, except between nine and zero.

If the pointer is on a number, look at the dial to the right. If that pointer has not passed zero, record the smaller number.

To find out cubic feet used, take two readings, then subtract the earlier from the more recent.

Contact us to report a problem with your meter.

Report Your Own Meter Readings

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Automated Meter Readings & Billing

  • Our trained meter readers take readings remotely with computerized equipment.
  • Your gas usage is determined by subtracting last month's reading (actual or estimated) from the current reading.
  • A normal billing period can vary from 26 to 35 days.
  • The dates used to calculate your bill, and your next scheduled meter reading date, are printed on your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automated Meter Reading

Automated meter reading (or AMR) is computerized technology that allows us to read the meter remotely. The meter data is transmitted by a small device and gathered by specially equipped vehicles driving through your area.

For customers, automated meter reading:

  • reduces the number of estimated meter reads,
  • is more convenient for customers who have to provide access to meters, and
  • means one less reason the company needs to enter a customer's property.

For Dominion East Ohio, it's more efficient, flexible and cost effective.

No. AMR technology operates at a special low-power frequency and should not interfere with any of your electrical equipment.

The AMR device is battery powered.

Yes. AMR technology has been tested by Dominion and its manufacturers to meet our specifications. Also, this technology is being used to read millions of meters at other large utilities throughout the United States.

Yes. Sign in to enter your own meter readings online.

Yes, our representatives will still be required to make periodic visits to perform inspections, service connections/disconnections, and various maintenance tasks.

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