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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Featured Programs

Energy Efficiency Marketplace

There Are Two Ways To Receive Your Instant Discount:

Option 1: Online through the Dominion Marketplace

Get Instant rebates on small appliances and energy efficient products when you shop online at the Dominion Online Marketplace. You must be a Dominion Energy residential electric customer in the Commonwealth of Virginia to place an order.

Option 2: In-Store at Select Retailers

For instant in-store discounts on the select items marked below, look for the Dominion Energy Instant Savings sticker at participating locations for the following retailers. Your discount is applied at checkout. No application is required.

The Home Depot
Dollar Tree
Products Rebate Amount Available At Online Marketplace Instant Discounts Available at Select Retailers
ENERGY STAR® Air Purifiers $50
ENERGY STAR® Bathroom Vent Fans $25
ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifiers $25
ENERGY STAR® Water Dispensers $25
Advanced Power Strips $10
Air Filters (Furnace) $1
Spray Foam Insulation $1

Water Energy Savings Program

Save energy on your water usage with ENERGY STAR® rated Heat Pump Water Heaters and Pool Pumps. Plus earn valuable rebates for making the switch!

Water heating is the second largest energy expense in your home, accounting for about 18% of your utility bill* but it’s easy to save on your water-related energy usage with the Residential Water Energy Savings Program from Dominion Energy Virginia.

Water Energy Savings Rebates Available

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Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates

Earn a rebate up to $400 off the purchase of a new connected heat pump water heater that meets ENERGY STAR performance requirements. Heat pump water heaters can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters*.

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Pool Pump Rebates

Pool owners can save energy and receive a rebate of up to $300 off the purchase of an ENERGY STAR rated variable speed pool pump through the Water Energy Savings Program. A variable speed pool pump can reduce pool pump energy use by 50% to 75%**.

  • Must be a residential Dominion Energy Virginia customer.
  • Must have electric heating and cooling with an air source heat pump or geothermal heat pump.
  • Must live in a single-family detached residence, a single-family attached residence (such as a townhome or condo), or a single-family manufactured home (such as a mobile home or modular home). Residents of multifamily apartment units are not eligible for this program. However, multifamily apartment customers may be eligible for energy-saving measures through the Multifamily program.
  • Is responsible for the electric bill.
  • Is the owner of the home or is able to secure permission to participate.
  • Must purchase and install a heat pump water heater or variable speed pool pump that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® performance requirements.

Get started with the Water Energy Savings Program.

Note: Please review additional requirements in the Terms and Conditions of the Residential Water Savings Program. By participating in this program, you are signifying your agreement to the program’s terms and conditions.

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