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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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The Residential Charger Program is a new, turnkey offering that enables hassle free installation of a Level 2 EV charger at your home, including the make-ready work. Under this program, we will supply and install your charger for $40.27 a month for 5 years. We understand everyone's journey is unique when it comes to EV charging—let us help with yours!

Am I Eligible to Participate?

In order to participate in the Residential Charger Program, you must:

  • Have an existing Virginia residential account in good standing
  • Own a free-standing single-family home
  • Select a charging location that is within 30 ft. of your main electrical panel
  • Have capacity in your electrical panel to support the required electrical upgrades (don't worry, we'll help you figure this out!)
  • Install a Dominion Energy approved charger, included as part of this program

How Does the Program Work?

  1. Submit a Program Interest Form
    Answer a few questions about your account by completing our Program Interest Form and get pre-qualified.

  2. Complete a Home Charging AssessmentQmerit Pre-qualified customers will receive an email with a link to complete a Home Charging Assessment with our trusted partner Qmerit. During this process, you will be asked to provide information about your home and electrical load so we can determine if you are pre-approved to participate.

  3. Get Your Charger Installed
    Pre-approved customers will be matched with one of our qualified, third-party electricians to install your Level 2 charging station, including the necessary breaker, wiring, and outlet.

  4. Charge at Home
    Once your installation is complete, you can look forward to home charging that is quick, convenient, and affordable.

What are the Benefits?

One Stop Shop

Take advantage of our turn-key EV charging solution for your home. Ditch the stress and let us handle each step of the installation process for you. We'll cover the make-ready work, supply the charger, match you with a licensed electrician, and handle ongoing maintenance and support.

Easily Manage Costs

Installing a Level 2 charger on your own can be a large, upfront expense. Under this program, you're only responsible for a monthly, on-bill payment of about $40 for five years.

Maintenance and Support

Continue to receive high quality service from your trusted Utility provider. We will provide ongoing maintenance and support, including a five-year warranty for your charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

After your charger has been installed you will pay $40.27 each month on your Dominion Energy bill for five years. This charge will appear on your bill as an additional line item called EVCR Installment. You can pay off the remaining balance at any time.

You may also request to make a one-time, upfront payment of $1,835.96 for your charger and installation.

This price includes the cost of the charger itself, the installer's labor and materials needed (such as wiring, conduit, and circuit breaker), permitting, and ongoing maintenance and support, including a five-year warranty.

Yes. Participating customers will need to sign Dominion Energy's Customer Contract for EV Charging Equipment.

You will have options provided by ChargePoint and Enel X.

ChargePoint Home Flex 14-50 Plug


Home Flex

14-50 Plug

Adjustable: 16A-50A | 24 ft. cable

ChargePoint Home Flex Hardwired Plug


Home Flex


Adjustable: 16A-50A | 23 ft. cable

Enel X JuiceBox 32A

Enel X

JuiceBox 32A


Fixed: 32A | 25 ft. cable

Enel X JuiceBox 40A

Enel X

JuiceBox 40A


Adjustable: 16A-40A | 25 ft. cable

If you move or discontinue service during the five-year program term, you will be responsible for paying a termination fee. This fee will be calculated in the contract you sign upon installation.

Dominion Energy will provide ongoing maintenance and support, including a five-year warranty.

Yes. The Off-Peak Plan can help customers save money by shifting energy usage, including EV charging, to more affordable, off-peak hours.

There is an income qualifying option for this program.

Customers that qualify as Low-Income can receive a charger at no cost.

In addition to meeting the program eligibility requirements, customers qualifying as Low Income must have an annual household income that does not exceed 80% of the median income of the area in which the household is located, as reported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, whichever is greater.

In order to qualify, customers must not exceed the following income limits:

Size of Family Unit Income Limit
1 $61,600
2 $70,400
3 $79,200
4 $88,000
5 $95,050
6 $102,100
7 $109,100
8 $116,150


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