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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Multiple Electric Vehicles Charging

Dominion Energy's Fleet Charging Program provides a turn-key solution for EV charging infrastructure. Through the program, we will install and maintain charging stations for your fleet. The program provides incentives for the EV charging station make-ready and convenient, monthly on-bill payments for the remaining costs

Program Benefits



Guides, interactive tools, calculators, program and incentives to support fleet electrification.



Monthly on-bill payment options reduce upfront costs for EV charging infrastructure.



Charging infrastructure available to eligible fleets in disadvantaged communities at no cost.



EV charging hardware and software options to meet specific customer needs.


To participate in the Fleet Charging Program you must: 

  • Be a Dominion Energy commercial or industrial customer in Virginia
  • Be authorized to make decisions about installing EV charging at your location
  • Install a minimum of two qualifying charging stations to be used for fleet EV charging
  • Execute a Customer Contract for Fleet Charging Service
  • Ensure your site is ready for charging installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning your fleet to electric vehicles can reduce fuel and maintenance costs, improve air quality, and reduce carbon impacts. Operating a green fleet is also a visible sign of your commitment to sustainability.

Learn more in our Fleet Electrification Planning Guide.

The term EV charging infrastructure includes all of the equipment and systems required to charge an electric vehicle. There are three main categories of EV charging infrastructure:

  1. Utility infrastructure. This includes all of the utility equipment up to the electric meter, including substations, transformers and distribution lines.
  2. Electric vehicle supply infrastructure (EVSI). This includes all of the electric equipment from the electric meter to the location where the charging stations will be installed, including switchgear, electric panels, conduits and wiring. This infrastructure is often referred to as “EV make-ready” because it is making the site ready for the EV chargers.
  3. Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). These are the EV chargers themselves. Each charger can have 1 or 2 charging ports.
Diagram of electric infrastructure from generation to EV charger. 1) Dominion Energy Virginia utility infrastructure, 2) electric meter, 3) EV supply infrastructure (EVSI) or "EV make-ready", and 4) EV supply equipment (EVSE) or "chargers".

The cost is very site specific. The Fleet Charging Program will provide a customized proposal for your site based on your charging needs.

  • Step 1: Review program information and select your charging location and equipment. Dominion Energy will perform a desktop review and site visit to provide you with a customized proposal.
  • Step 2: Confirm site design and charging equipment. Review proposal and return your contract and agreements.
  • Step 3: Confirm site readiness*, provide your insurance certificate, and set up your charging network account.
  • Step 4: We will install your charging infrastructure and you can start charging!

For more information, see our Program Participation Guide.

Customers participating in the Fleet Charging Program receive a 50% upfront incentive on EV charging construction and installation, commonly referred to as “make-ready.” Customers pay the remaining costs on their monthly bill over 10 years. There may also be grants and tax incentives available.”

The Fleet Charging Program has level 2 charging and DC fast charging hardware and software options to meet customer needs.  Dominion Energy will install and maintain charging stations for customers OR customers may choose to install and maintain their charging stations on their own. If Dominion Energy installs and maintains the charging stations, customers select from Dominion Energy’s list of charging station options, which currently include options from ChargePoint and Enel X. If customers install their own charging stations, the stations must meet minimum requirements.  These requirements include: 

  • Networked (OCCP 1.6 or later) with managed charging capabilities
  • Amperage and voltage input range options
  • ENERGYSTAR certified (for Level 2) and UL listed
  • Durability ratings, including outdoor rating
  • Ability to charge any make/model of electric vehicle
  • Useful life of at least 10 years with warranty options available
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