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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Fleet Electrification Planning Guide

1. Consider Your Electrification Goals

Customers see the value in converting their fleets to electric for a variety of reasons including lower operational costs, environmental goals, and a healthier work environment. We've compiled a list of EV basics for fleet managers and a database of case studies to help you develop your electrification ambitions.

2. Identify Vehicles That Meet Your Fleet Needs

There are electric options for most light, medium and heavy vehicles. Check out the directory of electric vehicles to see if there are models that fit your needs.

3. Develop a Preliminary Charging Infrastructure Plan

After you have identified your preferred electric vehicles options, you'll want to begin planning for how you will charge your vehicles. We've compiled a list of commercial charging equipment for your consideration. We recommend customers consider installing networked charging stations to take advantage of features such as access control, data tracking, and managed charging.

You can also find nearby charging stations to complement your fleet charging.

4. Estimate Your Fuel and Maintenance Savings

Electric vehicles represent a tremendous opportunity to reduce fleet fuel and maintenance costs, while substantially reducing environmental impacts. Visit our Fleet Conversion Fuel Savings Estimator to learn more and explore our rate options.

5. Engage With Partners on Infrastructure Design and Construction

Good partners can help with planning, budgeting, permitting, construction, and installation.

Based on feedback from customers, we're developing additional fleet advisory services, launching in early 2023.

6. Contact Your Utility to Review Power Requirements and Options

Engage with Dominion Energy early to ensure you're developing the most cost-effective and efficient infrastructure plan.

7. Review Available Funding

Dominion Energy offers incentives as part of the Fleet Charging program. There may also be tax incentives or grants available.

8. Charging Station Installation and Activation

Ensure your charging infrastructure is operational and ready to meet your business needs.

Consider a designated coordinator or champion to collaborate with drivers on questions and comments about the charging stations and provide feedback for future electrification efforts.

9. Maintain and Optimize Your Electric Fleet

Fleet electrification can be complex, but with proper planning, fleets can begin experiencing the benefits of electrification right away. We recommend customers get started, even on a pilot scale with one type of vehicle or one location. We also recommend customers consider managed charging strategies to maximize benefits and minimize costs.

Fleet Charging Program

Dominion Energy's new Fleet Charging Program provides a turn-key solution for EV charging infrastructure. Through the program, we will install and maintain charging stations for your fleet. The program provides incentives for the EV charging station make-ready and on-bill payment options for the remaining costs.

Electric School Bus Program

We are partnering with Virginia school districts to help them transition their school bus fleets from diesel to electric. This ongoing initiative will further to benefit our environment, our communities, our schools, and most importantly, our children. Visit our Electric School Buses page for more information.

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