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The Solar Partnership Program is a multi-year pilot program launched in 2016. The program is designed to expand Dominion Energy’s understanding of distributed solar energy by studying its impact and assessing its benefits while supporting and encouraging solar energy growth in Virginia.

Under the Solar Partnership Program, Dominion Energy is authorized to construct and operate up to 30-megawatts of company-owned solar facilities on leased rooftops or on the grounds of commercial businesses and public properties throughout our Virginia service area.

Our Solar Partnership in Action

Dominion Energy Virginia installed more than 3,000 solar panels on the rooftop of Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2016. The 800 kW (ac) system is capable of generating enough electricity at peak sunlight for about 200 homes and is one of the largest single rooftop solar arrays in Virginia.

The project is not only an important step in Dominion’s development of renewable energy sources; it provides a valuable learning opportunity for the students of Western Branch High School. Teachers are able to incorporate data from the school’s own on-site solar array into the curriculum, to engage the next generation in this exciting renewable energy.

Watch this video of the project’s dedication to see Dominion’s dedication to cleaner energy and educational excellence in action.

Program Information

Through the pilot program, Dominion Energy would like to:

  • Gain knowledge and experience operating solar distributed generation.
  • Identify optimal sites to understand how solar energy will integrate with our distribution system.
  • Encourage and support the growth of solar energy in Virginia.
  • Partner with interested customers in utility-owned generation projects.

Up to 30-megawatts of company-owned solar will be constructed through this program. Fully implemented, the program could generate enough energy to power up to 7,500 homes. Each installation could generate as much as two megawatts of electricity.

Program Participation

Commercial businesses and public properties throughout Virginia with large amounts of roof or ground space available for lease were considered. Preferred locations included large, flat rooftops on secure commercial facilities near existing Dominion Energy infrastructure.

We determined which sites were best suited for the program using a variety of selection criteria including:

  • Roof age and remaining life
  • Roof composition and condition
  • Roof warranty provisions
  • Structural analysis
  • Space availability
  • Adequate sun intensity for solar generation

Dominion Energy is not currently accepting new applications for the Solar Partnership Program, but please check this page for updates on future participation opportunities.

The generated electricity is owned by Dominion Energy and flows back to the grid. We provide a lease payment in order to install the solar generation on the customer’s property. Participating customers continue to receive electric service under their existing terms of service.

Dominion Energy plans to retire and remove the solar generator at the end of the long-term lease. Or the property owner may purchase the system from Dominion Energy for a negotiated price.

If the property is sold, the lease will be transferred to the new owner and the solar generator will continue to operate.

Additional Information

We are making significant investments in a variety of renewable energy sources to add to our generating capacity. This includes the Solar Partnership Program.

Solar energy is powered by the renewable energy of the sun. Because solar systems do not burn fuel and have very few moving parts, they are clean, quiet and produce no emissions or greenhouse gases. Power is produced at the site and may be found to reduce the need for additional distribution infrastructure improvements.

Solar systems have high upfront costs and capacity factors are typically lower than other generation sources. This means energy is only produced when the sun shines with intensity great enough to produce electric power, rather than around the clock like other conventional forms of generation.

No. This program is specifically for Dominion Energy-owned and operated solar facilities. The net metering program is customer-owned and operated, with renewable energy being used at the generation site. The Solar Purchase Program is customer-owned and operated but under this program, Dominion Energy purchases the solar energy and associated Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from participating customers. Customers participating in the Solar Partnership Program continue to purchase all of their electricity from us on their current rate schedule.

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