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During its 2020 Session, the Virginia General Assembly enacted Chapters 1238 (HB 1634) and 1264 (SB 629) of the 2020 Virginia Acts of Assembly. These Acts of Assembly added a new section to the Virginia Code numbered 56-594.3. The section established the Shared Solar Program, which provides customers of Dominion Energy Virginia the opportunity to participate in shared solar projects.

Under the program, retail customers may purchase subscriptions in a shared solar facility owned by a subscriber organization (SO). The Code defines shared solar facility as a facility that, among other things, generates electricity by means of a solar photovoltaic device with a nameplate capacity that does not exceed 5,000 kilowatts of alternating current, is located in Dominion Energy’s service territory in Virginia, and is located on a single parcel of land. Customers that purchase a subscription will receive a bill credit for the proportional output of the shared solar facility attributable to that subscriber, subject to a minimum bill notwithstanding the bill credit. Subscriptions must be sized such that the estimated bill credits do not exceed the subscriber’s average annual bill for the account to which the subscription is attributed. Customers that participate in this program may not simultaneously participate in the Multi-Family Shared Solar Program or the net metering program.

Dominion Energy Virginia will begin accepting registration materials from SOs for the program on October 1, 2021. Among other things, an entity interested in participating as a SO must complete the Registration Agreement, available at the link below. Entities requesting to participate as a SO may contact the Company.

SOs must submit the following to be awarded capacity in the program:

The Coordination Agreement is effective immediately, and subject to change as the Shared Solar Program evolves at the State Corporation Commission.

Email required documentation to

Capacity will be awarded on a first-come basis once all requirements are complete and documentation is submitted. If capacity in the program is not available, projects that have completed these steps will be placed on the waiting list. The Company will notify the subscriber organization within 30 days of receipt whether the shared solar facility has been awarded capacity in the program or placed on a waiting list. To secure awarded capacity, a subscriber organization must submit the required security deposit within 10 days.

As required by law, 30% or 45 megawatts (“MW”) of the program must be comprised of low-income customers. The program can be expanded by 50 MW once the 30% low-income participation requirement is met.

SOs may not begin enrolling customers until after the earlier of when the Company's new customer information system is fully implemented, or July 1, 2023.

Shared Solar Projects

Project Applicant Name Project Location Project Capacity Rating (AC) (kW) Amount of Capacity Allocated to Low-income Customers* Date of Project Acceptance in Program
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Suffolk CSG LLC Suffolk, VA 3,750 30% 11/24/2021
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Prince Edwards CSG LLC Pamplin, VA 4,000 30% 11/24/2021
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Augusta CSG LLC Augusta, VA 2,875 30% 11/24/2021
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Halifax CSG LLC South Boston, VA 3,125 30% 2/9/2022
ACE VA DER 2023 LLC - Martin Trail Farm LLC Clover, VA 5,000 30% 5/12/2022
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Waynesboro Bridge Solar LLC Waynesboro, VA 5,000 30% 6/3/2022
Dimension VA 1 LLC - White Stone Ocran Solar LLC White Stone, VA 5,000 30% 6/17/2022
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Fairfield Lee Solar LLC Fairfield, VA 5,000 30% 6/17/2022
VA Shared Solar, LLC - Harris Road Solar 1, LLC Kilmarnock, VA 3,000 30% 6/24/2022
VA Shared Solar, LLC - 1671 Cumberland Solar 1, LLC Farmville, VA 3,000 30% 6/24/2022
VA Shared Solar, LLC - Centerville Tpk Solar 1, LLC Chesapeake, VA 3,000 30% 6/24/2022
New Energy Equity VA LLC - Self I Solar CSG Warsaw, VA 5,000 30% 7/15/2022
ACE VA DER 2023, LLC - Dogwood Lane Solar, LLC. Kenbridge, VA 4,000 30% 9/16/2022
ACE VA DER 2023, LLC - Route 360 Solar, LLC. Clover, VA 5,000 30% 10/13/2022
Dimension VA 1 LLC - Pittsylvania CSG LLC Chatham, VA 3,750 30% 10/14/2022
New Energy Equity VA LLC - Gretna II Solar LLC Gretna, VA 4,000 30% 11/18/2022
VA Shared Solar, LLC - 1650 Cumberland Solar 1, LLC Farmville, VA 3,000 30% 11/18/2022

*Based on data from application

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