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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Your Land Is Waiting To Pay You Back

By partnering with Dominion Energy’s solar initiative, your land could earn you money today while generating clean energy for years to come.

Benefits Of Solar Development

By selling or leasing your land to Dominion Energy for solar development, you can generate income for you and for family while building a better future for your community and state.

For Landowners



Dominion Energy provides market-based compensation for the purchase of your property.


Option to Lease

If you choose to lease instead of sell, you can establish a new source of stable, long-term cash flow.

Stable Partner

A Stable Partner

In partnering with a major Fortune 250 company, you can rest assured that your land is in good hands and your compensation will be more than fair.

For Your Community


Support Local Business

Dominion Energy solar projects often use Virginia and locally based suppliers and labor.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Support a clean and sustainable energy future in Virginia with solar panels generating renewable energy for your region.

Community Institutions

Help Community Institutions

The sale or lease of your land will provide a new source of local tax revenue to help pay for schools, first responders, and more.


Two employees near solar panels

“There are many details to consider but Dominion Energy answered all our questions and was respectful of the time it can take for a family to make decisions that will transcend generations. We are happy to work with Dominion Energy and know that our investment in renewable energy will benefit our family and the Commonwealth.”

- Carlton Revere

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand developing your land isn’t an easy decision. Our team hopes to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Below are some common questions we get from interested landowners.

We evaluate many factors, too many to list here. Initial critical requirements include 10 acres in Dominion Energy service territory that is relatively flat, has few or no wetlands, and is near distribution lines. Even if your land doesn’t meet all these criteria, it may still make sense to talk to us. Start the process by filling out the Landowner Inquiry Form above.

The option period provides us time for the testing and studies necessary to determine if your land is suitable for solar. We will also assess if we will be able to obtain the necessary local permits.

Yes, the option agreement terms call for payments (typically made annually) during the option period.

During the initial option phase, we will need access to your land to determine if the property is suitable for a solar project. Activities can include surveying, inspections, and environmental, cultural and geotechnical studies. These are all minimally invasive and, in most cases, you will not even know anyone has been on your land.

Solar projects are considered quiet neighbors. They don’t create sound that’s audible outside the project, don’t consume water to operate, and don’t generate any type of pollution.

Landscaping is considered where there are sensitive viewsheds. We work hard to ensure that our projects will not change the look or feel of the community. Solar arrays have a low profile (8-15 feet from grade) and we use setbacks and vegetative buffers to minimize public view of the project. We see this as part of being a good neighbor.

Solar panels are designed to absorb, not reflect, sunlight. In fact, they reflect much less light than glass or water and have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for installation on and around airports across the country.

Solar projects produce clean renewable energy for 35 to 50 years. During this time a small on-site team will maintain a presence at the project for security and maintenance.

At the end of its useful life, the solar facility will be decommissioned, and the equipment removed, recycling everything that can be, and returning the land to its original state.

Yes, in most cases, the transition of property to host a solar project will significantly increase tax revenue to the County to help fund schools, roads and other community needs. Unlike other development, once operational the solar project has almost no need for government services (water, sewer, police, roads, schools, etc.) increasing the net benefit of the new tax revenue for the county. During construction, the solar project will create local construction jobs and increased business for local services such as hotels and restaurants. It will also create a small number of long-term jobs for vegetation management and Operations and Maintenance of the facility.

Selling or leasing your land is a big decision. Solar leases last 35+ years. You want to be sure you are working with a partner who is financially stable and has a track record of successful solar development. Dominion Energy is a Fortune 250 company, headquartered and invested in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are a neighbor you have worked with and know. We have already helped bring over 2,200 MW of solar into operation. Our solar portfolio was recently ranked third by S&P Global Market Intelligence among utility holding companies in the U.S.

We are happy to address any questions you may have. Please contact us.

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