Electric School Buses

Transportation is the #1 source of carbon emissions and we’re committed to reducing it in our communities.

Last year, we announced we would partner with local Virginia school districts as they replaced diesel buses in their fleets with electric models. The first 16 localities have been selected to help kick off the program by purchasing electric buses at the same price as diesel. 50 buses will roll out this year and we continue to explore ways to expand the program. This initiative will benefit our environment, our communities, and our schools.  For more information, here’s our latest news release.

Air quality inside is 6x better than non-EV models

Diagram showing vehicles to the grid technology

New Vehicle to Grid Technology

The buses are all electric & can be used as portable batteries.
 When not in use, they can be tapped as an energy resource through vehicle-to-grid technology.
 If energy needs are high or if renewable resources are intermittent, the batteries can provide stability to the grid.
 During a power outage or emergency, the batteries could serve as mobile power stations.


Increased Safety

Electric buses are quiet, allowing for better communication between drivers and students

Every bus is equipped with a seatbelt for each student

Children and an adult on a school bus with hands raised

Reduce operation & maintenance costs for schools by 60%

Lower Cost

Lower Cost + Less Maintenance

Equivalent of 17 MPG compared to 6 MPG for diesel

Charging stations & infrastructure provided at no cost to school

Charging an Electric School Bus

Cost to upgrade from a diesel to electric model covered by program

Participating schools are able to purchase electric school buses at the same cost as diesel models.

zero emissions written on school bus
shield with checkmark

Cleaner Air & Zero Emissions

Replacing one diesel bus can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54,000 pounds each year

That’s the equivalent of 3.75 pounds of carbon dioxide for every mile driven.