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Dominion Energy’s Community Solar Program allows you to support new solar energy in Virginia without installing anything on your home or business.

The program officially launched in May with our first community solar facility, Rappahannock Solar, in White Stone, Virginia.

Easily Support Renewable Energy

Our customers have expressed a desire to have more renewables on the grid and the ability to support renewable resources--and we want to provide those options to you. That’s why we’ve developed this voluntary program that provides an exciting way for you to match all or a portion of your home's electricity usage with solar energy produced right here in Virginia. Enrolling means you’re contributing to sustainable energy and adding more solar power to Virginia's grid.

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How Does the Program Work?

Customers who enroll are choosing to pay a premium to purchase energy and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from solar facilities located in communities throughout Virginia. This supports the growth of local solar energy and reduces your carbon footprint.

Enrollment Options

Block option

Block Option

This option offers you a way to match a portion of your electricity use with solar energy and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) by purchasing “blocks.” Each block costs $2.013 and represents 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy.

Example: If you enroll in the Block Option and choose to purchase 3 blocks, $6.039 will be added to your monthly electricity bill to support solar energy (3 blocks x $2.013). This charge will be the same fixed amount on your bill each month.

Eligibility: Residential customers can purchase a maximum of 5 blocks (500 kWh). Commercial customers can purchase up to 10 blocks (1,000 kWh).

100 percent match option

100% Match

This option offers you a way to match 100% of your electricity use with solar energy and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The cost is an additional $0.02013 per kilowatt-hour.

Example: A typical customer using 1,000 kWh per month would pay $20.13 extra per month. The monthly charge will fluctuate because it matches the total energy you’re using in your home or business each month.

Eligibility: Residential and small commercial customers under 500 kW (not available to large commercial customers over 500 kW).

Note: the program requires a one-year commitment.

The first Community Solar facility is fully subscribed. As Dominion Energy works with solar developers to build more solar facilities, the program will add on additional solar projects. As the number of solar facilities increase, so will our ability to accept new enrollments.

While Dominion Energy brings more solar capacity to the grid for this program, you can still support renewable energy. Please explore all of our renewable energy options so you can start reducing your carbon footprint immediately!

Take our quiz to find the renewable energy program that is right for you!

Calculate your monthly added cost for each renewable program.

For Government Customers, you can access your Price, Terms, and Conditions and Product Content Label links.

If you are a solar developer interested in being notified when a new RFP is issued for this program,
please send us an inquiry by email.


Dominion Energy Community Solar requires a one year commitment. After one year, your subscription will continue month-to-month, and you may cancel with 30 days’ notice.

We will conduct annual reviews and if it’s necessary to raise rates to ensure it reflects the current market value, we will give advance notice to customers.

No, nothing will change about how electricity is delivered to your home or business. The renewable energy will be added to the grid on your behalf.

No, the programs are different. Learn more about Virginia’s Shared Solar program and how Dominion Energy is implementing it.

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