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Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Installation Process

If available, here's what to expect during installation:

Check for Natural Gas Availability
  1. You will receive an email from Dominion Energy South Carolina confirming that gas is or is not available within one business day. If you don't get a reply within one business day, check your spam and junk folders.

  2. If you receive a “Yes” or “Maybe” that gas is available, we will contact you to schedule a time to meet you at your home. During your appointment, we will confirm gas is available, complete a Natural Gas Service Agreement and determine the gas meter location.

  3. We will then submit the order to schedule the service line installation from the street to your home. Digging is required, but we will complete the installation with as minimal impact to your yard as possible.

  4. You will select your own contractor to install your natural gas equipment. Your contractor will also install the gas lines from your gas appliances to the gas meter.

    Your contractor is responsible for acquiring any required permits from the local building inspection office, including having an air-pressure test of your gas lines. Upon passing inspection, the Building Inspector will contact us and give us the release and approval to set and turn on your gas meter. This step must be completed before we can set and turn on your gas meter. Most jurisdictions also require a final inspection of the gas equipment.

  5. After receiving the release and approval from the building inspector, we will install your gas meter. We may need access to your home to access your gas equipment or thermostat. Your heating dealer should also return and start up the heating system to be sure it is working properly. At least one piece of natural gas equipment must be completely installed before we can activate your service.

For additional information, please call our Customer Service Center at 877-297-5274.

Water Heater

Convert to Natural Gas & Earn Bill Credit

Earn a $200 bill credit for Natural Gas Water Heaters (tank or tankless).

Customer Rebate Form* (pdf)

*Please allow 6-8 weeks to process bill credits.

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