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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Is Solar Right for You?

Do your homework to make sure a solar investment makes sense.

Before you commit, ask yourself:

Is my home energy efficient?

Energy efficient homes can realize the full savings that solar can provide. Sign up for a free Home Energy Check-up to ensure your savings don’t escape through leaky doors or windows.

How would moving affect my investment?

Whichever of our Solar Programs you’re considering, be sure your choice takes into account any plans for a future move.

home with solar panels on roof

Does the math work with your budget?

Upfront costs, available federal tax credits and SC tax credits, and the time it takes to get a return on your investment can all vary based on the program chosen. Do the math, and consult a tax advisor before signing contracts.

two female employees in front of solar panels

Learn more about the solar energy programs available to you.

Compare Solar Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Dominion Energy does not install or finance solar panels. Visit our Rooftop Solar page for more information.

Not all homes are suitable for solar. Before you make the commitment to install, make sure that your home (roof structure, capacity, pitch, shading, etc.) is suitable for solar panels. This A Consumer Guide to Solar for the South Carolina Homeowner can help.

If your home isn't suitable for installation of solar panels, you can still participate in solar energy through our Community Solar program.

We are unable to offer assistance, but we strongly recommend working with a certified tax advisor to determine your eligibility for federal tax credits and SC tax credits.

Projects that start construction in 2020 will receive 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and in 2021 will receive 22%. All projects must be completed by 2024 to obtain these ITC rates. Please consult your tax advisor regarding these federal tax credits.

Dominion Energy does not offer cash rebates or financing for installing solar.

For inquiries pertaining to your solar system, contact your solar contractor. After reviewing this website, if you have additional questions specific to Dominion Energy's solar programs, please email us.

Check with your city and county (and, if applicable, your Homeowners Association) to identify any zoning laws or HOA restrictions that may prescribe where you can place solar panels on your home.

Homeowners will need to obtain any building or other local permits required before installation. Typically, your installer will assist you in obtaining permits and clearance from the city and county.

Compare Rooftop and Community Solar

Choose the solar program that is best for you.

As part of Dominion Energy’s commitment to providing customers with renewable energy options, we now offer two ways for our residential customers to go solar: with our Rooftop Solar and Community Solar programs.

Please note that Dominion Energy South Carolina electric customers may participate in either our Rooftop or Community Solar programs, but not both.

Work in consultation with an independent solar installer to apply to participate in our Rooftop Solar program. Once you've been approved, purchase or lease rooftop panels from the installer for interconnection to the Dominion power grid.

We offer several rate and billing structures to suit your particular needs:

farm house with solar panels

Solar Choice

Customers will move to the Residential Rate – Time of Use Rate. Customers will consume self-generated power and will be credited for excess energy delivered to DESC based upon the on-peak and off-peak periods defined by the Time of use rate. Solar Choice – Rider to Residential Rate 5

Offset Only

Customer offsets usage at retail. No credit for excess energy sent back to grid.

Buy All/Sell All

Customer purchases energy under the current rate and sells all generation to utility at the Small Power Production, Cogeneration Rate.

solar panel on residential roof

Purchase or subscribe to rent panels in an offsite solar array (solar farm) to support the use and development of renewable energy without the commitment of installing solar panels at your home.

Bill credits are issued to the customer for the power produced — providing the same financial benefits as Rooftop Solar, without the installation or maintenance. Community solar is available to Dominion Energy South Carolina electric customers through a partnership with Community Solar Platform.


Program Highlights

  • Nothing installed on your roof or property
  • Dominion Energy SC handles all maintenance
  • Optimally sited for maximum power generation
  • 20-year contract with Community Solar Platform, on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Attractive pricing structure:
    • Purchase – Upfront cost of $2.25/watt; $0.10/kWh monthly bill credit
    • Subscribe – No upfront cost; $0.20/kW monthly fee; $0.01/kWh monthly credit

Getting Started with Rooftop Solar

Harnessing the sun's energy to power your home.

At Dominion Energy, we're all in on solar. Our solar fleet – the 4th largest in the nation – powers 450,000 homes with zero-carbon electricity. Rooftop solar is a clean, renewable energy option if customers want to consume their own energy at their home. Read on to see the process for interconnecting your solar system to the Dominion Energy system.

Deciding to Go Solar

How to Find Solar Contractors

Always use a professional, licensed contractor to install your solar electric system. While Dominion Energy does not endorse or have any exclusive partnerships with contractors, here are some resources to consider:

  • South Carolina Solar Council
  • South Carolina Solar Business Alliance
  • South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
  • South Carolina Energy Office (Consumer Protection)
rooftop covered in solar panels

Buying vs. Leasing

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or lease your system.

rooftop made of solar panels

Buying a renewable energy system from a contractor or manufacturer means paying for it up front or financing your purchase through a bank loan. Consult with your tax advisor, as federal and state tax credits may be available.

You can also check out the SC Department of Consumer Affairs' Renewable Energy Marketing Pamphlet and the Standard Disclosure: Sale or Lease or Renewable Energy Facilities, which provide you with the consumer rights related to buying or leasing a renewable energy system.

Leasing allows you to "rent" the renewable energy system for a set period of time. Generally, you pay a fixed monthly rate no matter how much energy the system produces each month, though this rate may escalate each year during the term of the lease. Because you do not own the system, federal and state tax credits may not be available – consult with your tax advisor to confirm.

green home

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchase or lease your solar system by 5/31/2021, please note that the current Net Energy Metering tariff has been approved through 5/31/2029, after which date the cost structure for your customer generation will change.

Dominion Energy Equipment Requirements

Work with your chosen installer to ensure the following equipment is included with your system:

  1. AC Disconnect Switch must be:
    • Accessible to Dominion Energy personnel
    • Installed in close and visible proximity to the main meter
    • Must provide a visible air gap and be lockable in the off position
  1. Generation Metering must be:
    • Accessible to Dominion Energy personnel
    • Installed in close and visible proximity to the main meter

Dominion Energy requires 24/7 access to the disconnect switch and metering equipment for the duration of the interconnection to the Dominion power grid. Your meter(s) and the surrounding area must be accessible, safe, and not blocked by plants or gates. Animals should be confined and kept away from the meter area. If your current equipment location does not provide adequate access, please contact us at 800-251-7234 to coordinate relocating your equipment.

The Application Process

To ensure a timely interconnection, complete and submit all required information before you move forward with your solar installation. If you decide to provide your installer access to our third-party Distributed Energy Resource management partner, PowerClerk, please note that all agreements are between you and Dominion Energy, and all documents will require your signature.

  1. Gather required information:
    • Dominion Energy electric account number
    • Installer's name and contact information
    • Proof of property (liability) insurance ($100,000 or more per occurrence)
    • Download the Single-Line Diagram to document your photovoltaic (PV) system information, including inverter and array brands, models, and installation details. This PDF is also located in PowerClerk.
    • Access to additional technical resource documents
    • W-9 Form 
  2. Submit application via PowerClerk
  3. Pay your $100 Processing Fee. You can pay online via BillMatrix ($3.50 convenience charge per transaction), or mail a check to:

    Dominion Energy – Renewable Energy Team
    220 Operation Way
    Cayce, SC 29033
    Mail Code: JSOL

Installation and Interconnection

Make Sure You Are Ready

Installing solar is a big decision. Make sure you have done your research by reviewing the information on this web page and consulting with a professional contractor.

Wait for Approval

Be sure that you wait for interconnection approval from Dominion Energy before purchasing equipment or beginning installation.

couple on couch surrounded by moving boxes

The Installation Process

  1. Receive approval from Dominion Energy
    After you receive approval from Dominion Energy, move forward with your installation.
  2. Local Inspection
    After installation, contact your local inspection authority to have the system inspected. Once Dominion Energy receives the release from the local inspection authority, we will update the Certificate of Completion and a utility inspection will be performed.
  3. Utility Inspection
    Our inspection will verify that the system matches the paperwork submitted and meets all Dominion Energy requirements as specified above.
  4. Meters Installed
    Dominion Energy will install your main meter (bi-directional) and generation meter in the meter sockets you provide.
  5. Receive Approval to Energize from Dominion Energy
    After you receive approval from us, you may energize your system.
  6. Turn on your System

Transfer of Solar Service

Have you bought a home that already has solar installed? Unlike electric, gas and outdoor lighting service, the solar service does not automatically transfer to the new account. it must be applied for by the new homeowner. Once the Transfer of Service application process is completed in our PowerClerk System, the solar generation meter will be reconnected.

You must be the homeowner in order to apply for solar service. If a renter/tenant starts service at a premise that has solar service, they will not be able to have the solar service reconnected and benefit from the solar generation.

When you start the application process you will be asked to provide your contact information, which should match the Dominion Energy's account holder information. You will need to upload your current Homeowner's Insurance Policy. Please be sure that the policy contains the following: Insured Name, Start and Expiration Date of the policy, and the Personal Liability coverage of at least $100,000 per occurrence.

Within 3-5 business days of receiving your submitted application, you will receive an email from us via DocuSign. Please read the Interconnection documents and, if you agree, DocuSign will guide you through electronically signing your documents.

Once you have signed your documents, we will reconnect your solar service within 5-10 business days (weather permitting). You will receive an email with your official “Approval to Energize”, which means you can activate your Solar Energy System.

A $50.00 Transfer fee will be added to your next bill after your receive your approval email.

If you do not know how to turn on your solar system, you will need to reach out to the previous owners or to the solar installer for assistance.

Start Your Transfer of Solar Service
employee next to row of solar panels

If you have any questions, email or call Dominion Energy at 866-660-3705.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to Go Solar

Dominion Energy does not offer installation services or provide oversight of the installation process; however, we conduct a field inspection to ensure that the installation meets our requirements. Selecting an experienced solar contractor is one of the most important steps in the overall installation process.

A Consumer Guide to Solar for the South Carolina Homeowner is an excellent resource to help educate customers on the overall process for installing rooftop solar, including selecting a contractor. Also be aware of the factors you should consider in order to determine if solar is right for you.

Dominion Energy does not offer financing options or installation services for solar systems.

The costs associated with installing a rooftop solar array can vary widely depending on your home’s specifications and which installer you choose to work with. See a general idea of potential costs by using the PVWatts calculator tool on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory website.

The Application Process

Customers can offset up to 100% of their electrical usage without exceeding 20 kW for residential customers and 1,000 kW for non-residential customers. Dominion Energy uses a customer’s annual electric usage and a capacity factor of 1,589 to determine the amount of solar a customer can have.






10,717 / (365 * 24 * 0.1589 * 1.1) = 7


After all required information is entered into PowerClerk, the following forms will be produced for your completion and digital signature: Interconnection Request Application, Solar Energy Program Application, and IRS W-9 Form. You must also upload Proof of Property (Liability) Insurance and a Single Line Diagram.

Renewable Energy customers who interconnect on or after January 1, 2015 are eligible to receive an annual bill credit if their solar generation exceeds their usage. The value of any bill credit/payment you receive could be treated as income. Consult with your tax advisor for more information.

There are many variables that may impact how long it will take to install your solar system; however, timing will largely be dependent on your contractor’s schedule and availability. Typically speaking, it takes about 3 days to actually install solar panels; however, the overall process may take 3 to 6 months.

The South Carolina Interconnection Standard requires that customers “obtain and retain, for as long as the Generating Facility is interconnected with the Utility’s System, liability insurance which protects the Interconnection Customer from claims for bodily injury and/or property damage.” The Standard also prescribes the amount of liability coverage for residential and nonresidential customers based on the size of the Generating Facility.

We do not partner with solar installers or leasing companies to sell products or services to our customers. We provide interconnection services to our customers and work through solar installers (at the customer’s request) to help facilitate that process. Claims that Dominion Energy is working with solar installers to sell rooftop systems or leases are not true, and should be reported to the SC Office of Regulatory Staff or the SC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Installation and Interconnection

You can move forward with your solar installation only after you receive a signed interconnection agreement and approval letter from Dominion Energy.

You can move forward with your solar installation only after you receive a signed interconnection agreement and approval letter from Dominion Energy.

There are many variables that may impact how long it will take to install your solar system; however, timing will largely be dependent on your contractor’s schedule and availability. Typically speaking, it takes about 3 days to actually install solar panels; however, the overall process may take 3 to 6 months.

The standard meter cannot differentiate between incoming and outgoing energy. Without the bi-directional meter, you could be charged for outgoing energy your solar panels generate that is sent back to Dominion Energy.

The South Carolina Generator Interconnection Procedures (SCGIP), requires Dominion Energy SC to maintain a reserve circuit phase capacity on each circuit for projects ≤ 20 kW. The intent is to prevent larger projects from taking all the capacity and blocking out smaller projects. If you receive this message, your project is on a phase circuit that has reached/exceeded the ≤ 20 kW reserved capacity. This means that ≤ 20 kW interconnection application process can no longer be used and your project will have to follow the ">20 kW SCGIP Fast Track Process", which involves further review by Dominion Energy SC to ensure the system will not affect the safety and reliability on that circuit.

You can resubmit your application for consideration, at which point it will be reviewed to determine if it can be connected to the Dominion Energy grid.

Our customers have expressed a desire to have more option for supporting solar. This innovative program provides Dominion customer's the opportunity to support solar without the commitment of installing solar panels on their homes or maintaining them.

Participating customers choose to subscribe or purchase solar panels from solar farms dedicated to this program. Customers receive a monthly credit on their bill for the electricity generated by their panels.

Our Community Solar program is currently fully subscribed, however, if you are interested in participating you can add your name to the wait list.

employee walking in field of solar panels

Our Community Solar Partner

Community Solar Platform (CSP) is a renewable energy solutions provider for utilities and the communities they serve. CSP has partnered with Dominion Energy to offer their community solar product to Dominion Energy electric customers across South Carolina. CSP serves as the administration, managing the customer care and enrollment functions of this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Residential customers, churches, schools and municipalities with electric service from Dominion Energy South Carolina are eligible to participate.

There are two different ways to participate, so you can go solar in a way that best fits your needs and your budget: by Subscribing (or renting) or by Purchasing. Subscribe to panels at a low monthly rate to see instant savings, or purchase panels and see greater savings over the 20-year term of the program.

Please Note: Effective October 15, 2017, our Community Solar program is currently fully subscribed, however, if you are interested in participating you can add your name to the wait list. As customers leave the program over time, we will be adding new customers.

You can subscribe to offset up to 100% of your electrical usage in kilowatt (kW) hours without exceeding 20 kWAC for electric residential customers, or 1,000 AC/DC for schools, churches and municipalities.

Subscription: For subscription customers, there is a monthly fee of $0.20 per Kilowatt of solar capacity subscribed. The average subscriber would pay about $15/year*, and fees are applied to your monthly Dominion Energy bill and spread across your monthly statements. Monthly credits are expected to be greater than monthly fees, providing for instant savings.

Subscription customers can convert to ownership in years 6, 11, 16, and 20, with the option to purchase panels at market value.

Purchase: Initially, a single solar panel (117.5 Watts DC) costs $264, or market value. The average customer will require approximately 55 panels for a total off-set (enough to produce all the power you need). A monthly credit of $.10 per kWh will be applied to your electric bill. Cumulative monthly credits are expected to cover your purchase price by the 13th year of the program after which 100% of your bill credits can be applied to your monthly usage charges.

*Estimates are based on the average household electric usage of 1,000 kWh per month. Please speak with a Community Solar Specialist to discuss savings and environmental benefits specific to your electric usage. Consult your proposal and/or contract for specific terms and conditions.

Under the purchase option, customers receive an interest in the solar output (actual generated electricity) of their selected solar panels, rather than an interest in the solar panels themselves. In their sixth year, customers may purchase the panels outright on an as-is basis under the purchase option price outlined in the contract. At that time, the customer would also need to sign an ownership agreement. Ownership of the specified solar (PV) panels would then by conveyed by bill of sale. Customers who do not want to purchase full ownership may opt to simply retain the purchase interest option for the full term of the contract. The Dominion Energy South Carolina bill credit of $0.10 per kilowatt hour remains the same for the full term whether or not the customer elects to purchase the panels outright.

Retaining the ownership of the solar panels allows the solar farm investors to realize the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for qualified advanced energy projects. The savings from the tax credit is reflected in the price of the solar panels available through the community solar purchase option.

After the solar arrays are constructed and your bill credits begin, each month CEC will calculate the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) attributable to each customer in the RooflessSolar arrays based on a pro rata share of the output. Once the kWh usage for each customer is determined, Dominion Energy South Carolina will apply a credit to your bill that is equal to the number of kWh produced.

Subscription customers earn $.01 per kWh, while purchase customers earn $.10 per kWh. The credits are then applied to your bill, reducing the total costs owed to us. If you ever have more credits than what you owe, your credits will carry forward and be applied to future months, as needed.*

Your bill credit will vary from month to month based on the solar panels’ production. In months when there is more sunshine, you will have a higher bill credit, and in cloudier months, you will have a lower bill credit.

Sample Credit Calculation
(1 month)
Subscription Purchase
Customer Solar Production 937 kWh 937 kWh
Credit Rate $0.01 per kWh 0.10 per kWh
Dollar Credits Applied to Bill $9.37 $93.70

Your bill credit will vary from month to month based on the solar panels’ production. In months when there is more sunshine, you will have a higher bill credit, and in cloudier months, you will have a lower bill credit.

The agreement will be between you and the owner/operator of the community solar facilities, Cypress Creek Renewables. The program and enrollment process is administered by Community Solar Platform.

Because the program is designed to ensure that all of the energy in the community solar facilities is accounted for by a purchaser or subscriber, there are fees associated with terminating or downsizing a contract.

  • Termination Charge is billed when a customer decides to no longer participate in community solar or they final bill their account. The Termination Charge is $50.00/kW and remains this amount throughout the term of the contract.
  • Downsizing Fee is a billed when a customer decides they want to lower their contracted share. The Downsizing Fee is $50.00/kW and remains this amount throughout the term of the contract.

In both cases, the fee is billed to the customer by CEC, not by Dominion Energy South Carolina. Also in both cases, if the customer can find another eligible customer to assume their downsized share, the applicable fee will be waived.

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