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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Countless options. Convenient billing.

Choose from a wide variety of lighting options to meet your needs. We take care of the rest. Dominion Energy helps with design, installation, repairs and maintenance — all for a convenient payment added to your monthly energy bill.

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Common Questions

You have a variety of LED lighting options, from private security lights to decorative street lighting. LED lighting has consistent coverage (uniformity) and represents color very well (high color rendering). Contact us today to find our more information.

Overall monthly costs for LED are competitive with traditional bulb type HPS and MH fixtures and sometimes less.

Once you notify us that you are moving or that you want the light removed, you will no longer be responsible for the monthly lighting charges or termination fee if the initial term of the Lighting agreement is complete.

Your lights are not connected to your meter and, therefore, your electric meter charges are not affected by the lights.

The monthly lighting charge covers standard maintenance, electric use, and repairs.

We no longer offer “shared lighting.” Private lighting and subdivision street lighting must be charged to an individual resident or Homeowner's Association.

We typically offer dusk-to-dawn lighting. Large project LED lighting can be programmed with an On/Off schedule different from dusk-to-dawn. On and Off “at will” is not offered.

We try to offer a variety of the most popular and stylish lights. However, in order to maintain repair and replacement parts, we keep the number of standard offerings manageable so as to provide the best service possible. For Large Project LED Lighting, our Lighting team can work with you on fixture and pole selection options.

We must abide by lighting ordinances imposed by the governmental agency having jurisdiction over the area. There are times when these ordinances make it difficult or impossible to properly light an area. When that occurs, we suggest the customer install their own lighting system.

The color of light varies based upon type of lighting. High Pressure Sodium (bulb), Metal Halide (bulb), and LED (Solid State). High Pressure Sodium is yellow or amber in color. Metal Halide and LED are white in color.

Relocation costs depend on a variety of criteria. Costs are dependent on whether we must trench or bore the ground to be able to serve the new location and how far the new location is from the old. It is best to contact the Lighting Coordinator in your area so your request can be evaluated.

If the pole is dedicated only to the light, then you are responsible for the monthly lighting charge for the pole. If the fixture can be mounted on an existing Dominion Energy South Carolina electric pole, then you are only responsible for the monthly lighting charge for the fixture.

Unfortunately, we maintain ownership and responsibility of our lights and poles and they are only available to customers under a monthly lighting charge.

The Subdivision Lighting charge on your bill is the shared cost for street lighting in your community/neighborhood/subdivision. Each resident within that community pays an equal amount to cover the costs of the street lights. Shared cost for street lighting is no longer available to new subdivisions.

You are not obligated to keep a private security light located on a property you just moved to. You can call our Contact Center at 800-251-7234 and request the light to be removed from the property.

Standard security lighting installations take approximately 10 business days to complete. If the installation is non-standard and requires special equipment it may take longer to complete.

We strive to repair our lights within 3 to 10 business days from the time the repair was called in. Weather and yard restrictions can make a repair take longer to complete.

If you do not own the property, you cannot sign a Lighting Agreement. In order to have the light installed, your landlord would be required to pay the monthly lighting charges and sign the required agreement. If you rent a property with an existing Dominion Energy South Carolina light, you can pay the monthly cost for the light if the term of the original contract is complete or the termination fee was previously paid.

If you terminate your electric or lighting service prior to the contract date, you will be responsible for paying a termination fee for the light, as stated in your contract. We will waive the termination fee if a new resident signs an agreement taking over the light.

We only mount the fixture(s) on an existing Dominion Energy South Carolina electric pole, or we can install one of our poles on the property.

Didn't get your questions answered? Call us at 800-251-7234.

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