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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Committed to Helping the Community

EnergyShare is our year-round assistance program that has been helping qualified customers with energy bill payment assistance since 1982.

In recent years, we've increased funding for customers for bill assistance. We have expanded the program to include free home energy assessments and energy efficiency upgrades. Upgrades funded by EnergyShare provide sustainable energy bill savings through energy conservation.

How EnergyShare Can Help

The program is designed to help seniors, persons with disabilities and income-eligible customers with electric and/or natural gas services. Funded by Dominion Energy South Carolina customers, employees, and retirees. To apply for assistance, contact your local community action agency.

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How to Apply

View a list of Community Action Resources

How to Contribute

Helping a neighbor in need is quick, easy and convenient. To make a one-time or recurring donation to the EnergyShare program:

  1. Download and complete the EnergyShare Contribution Form.
  2. Insert the completed form in an envelope with your check made payable to “EnergyShare.”
  3. Mail the form and contribution to:
    Dominion Energy South Carolina
    P.O. Box 25276
    Richmond VA 29260

EnergyShare for Small Business Program

Dominion Energy South Carolina is partnering with the United Way Association of South Carolina to temporarily expand Dominion's EnergyShare program to assist small general service customers with electric service through EnergyShare for Small Business.

Dominion Energy South Carolina has pledged $1 million to help provide energy bill relief for eligible small businesses, nonprofits, and houses of worship in its South Carolina service territory. The program funding will be covered by shareholders and will not impact customer rates. Qualified businesses may be eligible for one-time assistance with their Dominion Energy electric bill up to $2,500.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a for-profit business owned and independently operated, nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status, or house of worship.
  • Must be licensed to do business in Dominion Energy's service territory with an active, business account separate from personal account(s).
  • Must have a past due balance equal to or more than $300, not including current charges.
  • Must have electric service with Dominion Energy South Carolina.
  • Must employ 50 or fewer people as of January 1, 2024.
  • Must be considered a small general service customer as determined by DESC on a qualifying rate.*
    *Qualifying rate schedules include rates 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, or 28. Industrial customers are excluded from this subject group.


  • Franchises or other business arrangements in which utility accounts are maintained by a parent company.
  • Government-owned business entities (except for businesses owned or controlled by a Native American Tribe).
  • A business principally engaged in rental property by residential, commercial or industrial tenants.
EnergyShare for Small Business Fact Sheet


Please carefully review the eligibility criteria and exclusions before proceeding with the application.

Statement of Application: I certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information may result in disqualification of benefits. I understand that in requesting assistance from the EnergyShare for Small Business Program, the information given above may be shared or given to the United Way Association of South Carolina to confirm eligibility and process financial assistance if approved. By signing this form, I am allowing Dominion Energy to share or exchange information about me, the business for which I have applied, and about my Dominion Energy South Carolina business account and its information, including confidential and/or personal information, with the program's administrator, United Way Association of South Carolina. As needed for the reasons stated above, I allow access to all business account information up to and including that pertaining to payment history, usage, and billing.


When complete, click the Submit button, and your application will be emailed to Dominion Energy South Carolina's Customer Assistance Department. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please allow time for your application to be processed. You will receive an email confirmation of the approval or decline of your application from

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