Delivering Clean Energy

Dominion Energy already has made important progress on emissions. This new commitment sets an even higher bar that I am confident we can - and will - reach. Net zero emissions will be good for all of our stakeholders - for our customers, communities, employees and investors.

Thomas F. Farrell, II
Chief Executive Officer

worker by the river

We are committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 while continuing to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy.

Wind turbines use three blades to “catch” the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it to electrical energy. We’re investing in offshore wind power because it’s an abundant renewable resource that is also emissions-free. In 2018, we announced the launch of our Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project – only the second such project in the country.

Watch the offshore wind video
a windmill in a large body of water
Our national solar generation is enough to power 400,000 homes at peak output.

Since 2013, we have invested more than $3.5 billion in renewables and have increased our total solar generation portfolio from 41 megawatts to nearly 2,600. This past year we brought online 136 megawatts of solar generation at six facilities, and we are planning to add another 3,000 megawatts of new solar or wind in Virginia – enough to power 750,000 homes – by 2022.

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Our nuclear energy powers nearly 3 million homes. Nuclear power emits zero carbon emissions and no air pollution. It produces energy around the clock.

Clean nuclear
Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant

Emission-Free Electricity

Nuclear power produces zero greenhouse gases and no air pollutants.

WInd turbine

Offshore Wind

Turbines off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia could power 650,000 homes by 2026.

Solar panels

Emissions-Free Electricity

Coming Soon: Power your home or business with local solar power.

Protecting the Planet

You asked for cleaner energy, and we listened. We’re committed to achieving net zero emissions through long-term investments in the new and emerging technologies of tomorrow.

Our net zero commitment builds on progress we’re already making to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

View of the Richmond city skyline across the James River

We use water to make energy. Whenever we can, we return the water to its original source. But because we can't always do that, we're seeking opportunities to use less water and to reuse water.

a rendering of tall buildings

We designed our new corporate headquarters, 600 Canal Place, with sustainable features, including energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems and a landscaped terrace that captures rainwater for reuse. We expect the tower to earn a Leadership in Energy Design (LEED) Gold rating upon completion. 

Monarch butterfly

We commit to establishing more than 500 acres of pollinator habitat by 2020 and to piloting habitat plots on solar farm sites.

Coal Ash

Coal Ash Pond Closures

We are meeting or exceeding federal, state and local regulations.

Wildlife habitat

Wings at Work

To date, 43,000 acres of open spaces have been converted to habitat.


Drone Inspections

Using unmanned aerial vehicles to inspect infrastructure reduces our carbon footprint.

Serving Customers & Communities

We're securing the future of energy for our customers and our communities. It's our job to make sure power and gas delivery remains free from interruptions caused by weather, security threats, or accidents.

We also support the communities our customers live in by volunteering and making financial contributions to community causes.

Plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity across the country and in Dominion Energy’s Virginia and North Carolina service territories. We are committed to studying and responding to customer interest in EVs.

Use our EV Toolkit to calculate savings, compare models, find incentives and more
Charging and electric vehicle

Smart meters help us provide better service and give customers more control over how and when they use energy. That's why we're moving forward with regulators on a five-year, $470 million plan to deploy 2.1 million smart meters.

Checking a meter


We began EnergyShare® in 1982 to help low-income customers pay their energy bills. Today, the program annually helps tens of thousands of elderly, low-income, veteran and disabled customers in three states with heating and cooling assistance and weatherization. We have invested over $110 million in this program over the last three decades. Going forward, we are committed to increasing that number to over $13 million annually through 2028.

Dominion Energy volunteers

You love your community. We do, too. What began as a one day event in October 2000 has become an annual project blitz we call "Energizing our Communities."

Each year, employees nominate and lead efforts to beautify parks, remove invasive species, build community gardens and more. In 2018 alone, 639 volunteers completed 30 projects. 

Helping children in our communities

More than $20 million in grants will be awarded by the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation in 2019.

From providing early vision screenings for elementary school students to funding urban gardens that provide fresh produce to food-insecure households, we're investing in community causes.

Man and two children planting a tree

Project Plant It!®

Each spring we give thousands of students a seedling to plant in celebration of Arbor Day.

Senior care

Senior Cool Care

For more than 25 years, we've provided AC units to low-income older citizens for free.


Student Innovation

We contributed $150,000 to help build Virginia Tech's award-winning FutureHAUS.

Providing an Ultimate Employee Experience

We're working hard to attract diverse talent, grow leaders, provide career development for all our employees, and create an inclusive work environment.

  • Best Employers for Diversity 2019 (#266)
  • Best Employers for Women 2018 (#200)
  • America's Best Employers 2018 (#79)

We believe diversity fosters the exchange of ideas, supports collaboration and inspires innovation. But being diverse is just a start. We also have to be inclusive in order to encourage consideration of different talents, thinking and perspectives.

Read our pledge to workforce diversity
Dominion Energy volunteer in front of a U.S. flag

Diversity is vital to our business success. It brings strength to our operations through breadth of experience, perspective and talent.

Thomas F. Farrell, II
Chief Executive Officer

Dominion energy volunteer

25% of Our Board of Directors are women.

Alexandra Garcia, Former Intern, North Anna Power Station Chair

When I started learning about the design of nuclear plants and the safety systems and redundancies, it was really eye opening for me. The way the plants were designed in the first place – in my opinion is a work of art.

Alexandra "Alex" Garcia, Former Intern
Project Engineer II, North Anna Power Station Chair, HOLA! Hispanic Employee Resource Group

two people in protective gear looking at paperwork
lady working with many computer monitors

1 in 5 new hires at Dominion Energy is a veteran.

Service member holding his baby

We work hard to bring veterans into our company and keep them here. We value the skillsets our veterans bring to the company, from diligence and safety awareness to an aptitude for leading diverse groups. One of the ways we honor our nation's veterans is to provide them with the training and support they need to successfully transition to civilian life. We launched Troops to Energy Jobs in 2011. Today, more than 50 companies participate in the program.

When you work at a place like Dominion Energy, it's very mission-focused, a lot like the military. So, it's a place where a vet will feel challenged, where we can put our skills and military mindset to work, and where we feel valued.

Mike Platt, US Marine Corps Veteran
Lead Engineer, Dominion Energy Utah

Dominion Energy employee and veteran


Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

ERGs create community and offer networking and professional development opportunities.


Innovation Expo

Teams competed to create new customer experiences at our Innovation Expo in 2019.

Intern group photo


We hire more than 250 student interns every year and more than 85% of graduating seniors earn full time job offers.