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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Electricity and natural gas are constantly in motion, traveling great distances for delivery to many different customers. Dominion Energy accomplishes this with miles of natural gas pipeline and electric lines. In the end, we deliver energy to about 7 million utility and retail energy customers.

Electric wires over scenic vista

Natural Gas

Distribution in OH and Western States

Natural gas reaches 1.3 million customers in Ohio over a huge network of gas distribution pipelines via Dominion Energy Ohio. In Utah, southwestern Wyoming and southeastern Idaho, Dominion Energy provides retail natural gas distribution service to more than 1 million customers. Dominion Energy Wexpro develops and produces gas reserves on behalf of Dominion Energy, with operations in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

Distribution in the Southeast

Dominion Energy maintains approximately 12,440 miles of natural gas pipelines in North Carolina and approximately 10,330 miles in South Carolina, providing natural gas service to a combined 1 million customers in both states.


How the Grid Works

The electric grid is the network of power lines that carries electricity from power stations to residential, industrial and commercial customers. To work effectively, electricity must at all times flow safely and reliably throughout the grid so the power is available when needed.

Most people are familiar with the "distribution" power lines and poles that run alongside roadways or are installed underground in neighborhoods. These lines distribute electricity to our homes and businesses.

The "transmission grid" is the part of the network that carries high-voltage electric power from generating stations to distribution facilities.

Dominion Energy's 6,800-mile network of regulated electric transmission lines and 58,510 miles of distribution lines enables us to move electricity to 2.7 million homes and businesses in Virginia and North Carolina. We also have over 30,000 miles of regulated electric distribution lines in South Carolina, providing electricity to more than 764,000 customers in that state.

Electric Projects and Upgrades

Dominion Energy plans to meet increased demand for electricity through a balanced slate of initiatives. These include new and upgraded generating facilities to meet peak demand, and improvements to the electric transmission and distribution system.

Learn about our various transmission line projects.

You can also learn about how we're working to deliver power from wind turbines 27 miles off the coast of Virginia.

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