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Net Zero

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Over the past two decades, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions substantially. Through 2022, we have reduced carbon emissions from power generation by 47 percent (compared to a 2005 baseline), and methane emissions from gas operations are down 38 percent (from a 2010 baseline).

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero does not mean we will eliminate all emissions. Rather, we are working to reduce emissions as much as technology and customer affordability allow, and offset the remainder through carbon-beneficial programs, such as renewable natural gas. Dominion Energy's Net Zero plans cover emissions under the company's direct control (Scope 1) and those from our suppliers and customers (Scopes 2 and 3).

Scope 1

Direct control

Direct Control

Owned power generation


Fugitive natural gas emissions from compression, venting and leaks


Fuel use for vehicle fleet

Scopes 2 & 3

Upstream (indirect)

Upstream (indirect)

Purchased power and fuel for power generation


Natural gas purchased to serve our customers


Facility use of electric power

Scope 3


Downstream (indirect)

Customer combustion of natural gas, including:

  • Residential heating
  • Cooking
  • Commercial use
  • Manufacturing

Our Plans to Get to Net Zero

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind

Providing clean, renewable energy off the shores of Virginia Beach.

Harnessing Wind off the Coast of Virginia
Rapidly expanding wind and solar generation

Expanding Solar

We brought our first megawatt of solar energy online in 2013. Today our solar portfolio is one of the biggest in the country among investor-owned utilities, and we plan to add substantially more solar generation in the coming years.


Our Solar Facilities
Zero-carbon nuclear power

Zero-carbon Nuclear Power

Our nuclear fleet constitutes the largest source of carbon-free energy in our generating portfolio and is essential to our Net Zero goal. Our four nuclear power stations provide over 40% of our total electricity generation production (in MWh).

Our Nuclear Facilities

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

We’re investing in RNG, which is pipeline-quality gas produced from existing waste streams and a variety of renewable and sustainable biomass sources, including farms, landfills, and food waste. Dominion Energy has created two of the largest RNG programs in the country, partnering with Smithfield Foods to create Align RNG, and with Vanguard Renewables and the Dairy Farmers of America. 

More About RNG
Energy Storage

Energy Storage

We're expanding our energy storage to support the integration of wind and solar generation. 

Storage Projects
Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

We offer programs and energy-saving tips to help customers reduce energy in both our electric and natural gas businesses.


Find Ways to Save Energy

How You Can Help

What our customers can do to help move toward Net Zero

Conserving energy reduces emissions. Participate in one or more of the programs listed below and lower your energy consumption. Find more ways to save energy on our website

More Information About Our Efforts Toward Net Zero

Over the long term, Dominion Energy's ability to achieve net zero emissions will require supportive legislative and regulatory policies, advancements in technology, and broader investments across the economy.

Through pilot programs, we will pursue technological solutions such as large-scale battery storage and hydrogen blending. Other potential technology pilots could include carbon capture and storage and advanced, small modular reactors, if and when they become technologically and economically feasible. 

Innovation is a key component of our Net Zero strategy.

We are investing in large-scale battery storage and hydrogen, and we are exploring other advanced technology innovations like advanced nuclear technology, and carbon-capture technology. We are rapidly building out our renewable-generation portfolio. At the same time, we are upgrading the electric grid in Virginia with smart meters, a customer-information platform, intelligent grid devices and associated control systems, physical and cyber-security investments, strategic undergrounding, and energy-conservation programs.

We are also using advanced technology to upgrade our gas distribution networks. For example, we are using zero-emission vacuum and compression (such as ZEVAC®) devices when appropriate to reduce emissions from gas infrastructure during large-scale maintenance projects.

Natural gas is an essential part of our long-term vision for the company, and its continued use is consistent with our Net Zero commitments. Natural gas offers a cleaner footprint compared with other heating fuels. It also plays a critical role in maintaining the reliability that is so important to our customers. Natural gas enables us to add intermittent renewable generation while ensuring that power generation is always sufficient to meet customer demand. 

Diversifying our energy portfolio enables us to provide our customers with cleaner options, more choices, and lower bills, while protecting the power supply from potential disruption. Maintaining a diverse array of generation sources helps ensure reliability by avoiding overreliance on any given source of power and helps maintain affordability by insulating the company and our customers against price shocks for a particular fuel source or generation component.

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