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Delivering Clean Energy

Solar grid reflecting the blue sky with white turbines in the background.

We are committed to achieving net zero emissions (balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal) by 2050 while continuing to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. Net zero emissions will benefit our planet, along with our customers, communities, employees and investors. Some of the ways we're showing our commitment to clean energy include:

Offshore Wind
Wind turbines use spinning blades to "catch" the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it to electrical energy. We're investing in offshore wind power because it’s an abundant renewable resource that is also emissions-free. We have the largest offshore wind farm under development in the United States. Turbines in our offshore wind project off the coast of Virginia could power 650,000 homes by 2026 - with plans to double that by 2035. Watch a video about this offshore wind project.

Solar Generation
Dominion Energy is placing a priority on development of renewable energy. In just one year, we've quadrupled the amount of solar and wind generation in our 15-year plan. Our solar fleet, already the 3rd largest among US utility holding companies, will grow from a current output of 396 megawatts to approximately 16,000 megawatts by 2035. See our solar farms.

Nuclear Energy
Our nuclear power program produces a safe, zero-emissions, highly reliable form of renewable energy for our customers—in fact, 40% of our total electricity output comes from our nuclear power stations. Explore our nuclear energy program.

Electric Vehicles
As plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, we're committed to studying and responding to customer interest in this zero-emission technology. Use our EV Toolkit to calculate savings, compare models, find incentives and more.

Learn More About Our Clean Energy Investments

Protecting the Planet

Dominion Energy employee planing shrubs as part of a volunteer effort.

You asked for cleaner energy, and we listened. We’re committed to preserving and protecting our planet’s natural resources by investing in new and emerging energy technologies. Some of the ways we’re showing our commitment to protecting the planet include:

Water Conservation
We use water to make energy. Whenever we can, we return the water to its original source. But because we can't always do that, we're seeking opportunities to use less water and to reuse water. View our clean water commitment.

Sustainable Design
We designed our new corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, with sustainable features, including energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems and a landscaped terrace that captures rainwater for reuse.

Pollinator Habitats
Our Wings at Work program supports habitats for birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We’ve also modified mowing practices in our electric rights-of-way to encourage the growth of native plants to support these important creatures. Read about our habitat and wildlife protection.

Drone Inspections
Using unmanned aerial vehicles to inspect infrastructure reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to access remote areas without disturbing surrounding natural habitats. See how we’re using drones in our business.

Read More About Our Environmental & Social Commitments

Serving Customers and Communities

Girls in hair nets laughing.

It's our job to make sure power and gas delivery to our customers remains reliable regardless of weather, security threats, or accidents. But we also support the communities our customers live in by volunteering and making financial contributions to community causes. Some of the ways we’re showing our commitment to our customers and communities include:

Our EnergyShare® program helps tens of thousands of elderly, low-income, veteran and disabled customers each year with heating, cooling and weatherization assistance. We’ve invested over $110 million in this program over the last three decades, and have committed to investing more than $13 million annually through 2028.

Community Improvement
What began as a one-day community service event in October 2000 has become an annual project blitz we call "Energizing our Communities." Each year, employees lead efforts to beautify parks, remove invasive species, build community gardens and more.

Charitable Grants
From providing early vision screenings for elementary school students to funding urban gardens that provide fresh produce to food-insecure households, we're investing in community causes. In fact, more than $20 million in grants was awarded by the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation in 2019. Learn how to apply for a grant.

Project Plant It!®
Each spring since 2007, we have given thousands of students in our communities a free tree seedling to plant for Arbor Day. For the 2020-2021 academic year, Project Plant It! added a bee pollinator program, and participants receive free wildflower seed packets to attract bees and other pollinators. Project Plant It! supports educators with STEM-based lesson plans, games, activities and other resources to teach students about the important role of trees and pollinators to our ecosystem. Learn more about this community program.

See How Else We're Serving Our Customers & Communities

Cultivating Employee Experience

View of Richmond VA skyline overlooking the river.

We're working hard to attract diverse talent, grow leaders, provide career development for all our employees, and create an inclusive work environment. That commitment shows in our positive workplace culture, and our efforts have been recognized in recent years:

  • Best Employers for Diversity 2019 (#266)
  • Best Employers for Women 2018 (#200)
  • America's Best Employers 2018 (#79)

Some of the ways we're showing our commitment to providing a great employee experience include:

Diversity Commitment
We believe diversity fosters the exchange of ideas, supports collaboration and inspires innovation. But being diverse is just a start. We also have to be inclusive in order to encourage consideration of different talents, thinking and perspectives. Read our pledge to workforce diversity.

Veteran Hiring
We work hard to bring veterans into our company — in fact, 1 in 5 new hires at Dominion Energy is a veteran. To honor our nation's veterans by providing the training and support they need to successfully transition to civilian life, we launched Troops to Energy Jobs in 2011. Today, more than 50 companies participate in the program. See how we support our nation's veterans.

Employee Resource Groups
Dominion Energy's Employee Resource Groups bring together employees with shared backgrounds, interests or perspectives to foster a sense of community and offer networking opportunities. Learn more about Employee Resource Groups.

Student Internships
Our student interns have so far represented 80 majors from 70 schools in 22 states. More than 70% return for multiple summer placements, and 75% of our seniors earn full time job offers. Find out how you can become a Dominion Energy intern.

Learn More About Our Commitment To Providing a Great Employee Experience
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