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What Are My Options For Buying Natural Gas?

You have several to choose from:

Energy Choice Agreement

An Energy Choice Agreement, or contract, is an arrangement for setting the cost of natural gas between a supplier and a customer. These agreements can have a fixed rate, a variable rate, or a combination of both. A fixed rate remains the same each month for the duration of the contact, while variable rates can change depending on the nature of the agreement. Some agreements can even have a combination: a fixed price for a period of time and then variable afterwards, for example.

Aggregation or "group-buying," Program

Another option to consider when shopping for natural gas is joining an aggregation buying group if one is available in your area. A large buying group may be able to get a better price for the group members than you might get on your own, and it may include other benefits such as energy use analysis and management. Typically, when local governments organize aggregation programs they will appear as a ballot issue and, if passed, generally are initiated on an opt-out basis, which means residents are automatically enrolled unless they choose not to participate by replying to the opt-out notice. Opt-in aggregation programs enable customers to join on an individual basis at the customer’s specific request.

Standard Choice Offer

The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) is the rate most residential customers who are eligible for Energy Choice, but have not chosen a supplier or joined a municipal aggregation program, pay for their natural gas consumption. The SCO rate is a variable rate determined monthly by the market price for gas (i.e. the NYMEX month-end settlement price) plus a retail price adjustment. This option is only available to residential customers with usage less than 3000 MCF/year.

Monthly Variable Rate

The Monthly Variable Rate (MVR) is a rate that former Energy Choice or municipal aggregation opt-in customers may pay for their natural gas consumption if they have not re-enrolled with a new aggregation program or established a new Energy Choice Agreement. Eligible nonresidential and large volume customers who don’t choose an Energy Choice supplier will also be placed on MVR commodity service. MVR differs from SCO in that the monthly price is not directly determined by the NYMEX price; each supplier that provides MVR commodity service determines their MVR price each month.

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