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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Rates, Tariffs and Riders

Rate Schedules serve North Carolina customers who purchase both the supply (generation and transmission) and delivery (distribution) portions of their electric service from Dominion Energy North Carolina.

Rate Schedules and Special Tariffs detail the rate or charge for a particular classification of service, including all special terms and conditions under which that service is furnished at the prescribed rate or charge. When you accept electric service from Dominion Energy, you agree to certain requirements specified in the application for electric service, and you're bound by the applicable rate schedule(s) and Terms and Conditions. Riders are charges applied to certain rate schedules to recover various costs associated with Dominion Energy's electric operations and electricity production.

Adding Up The Costs

To calculate how much to charge you, we examine how much energy you use during a billing period based on readings from your electric meter (in kWh). Next, we calculate the total amount due each month using your applicable rate schedule, special tariffs and/or riders, plus taxes.

What's In Your Bill

When you look at a typical residential electric bill from Dominion Energy North Carolina, you will see a summary of everything that is included in the total. For example, you'll see "Electric Charges" which includes charges for the following:

  • the use of local wires; transformers,
  • substations and other equipment used to deliver electricity to your home,
  • the generation charges for the production of electricity,
  • transmission charges for moving electricity from Dominion Energy’s power plants to substations,
  • charges associated with the cost of fuel used to produce electricity, including transportation,
  • and charges to recover the Company’s costs related to demand-side management programs.

You'll also see rider charges for renewable portfolio standards and fuel charges which are not included in the “Electric Charges,” above. Your Total Current Charges also include a State Sales Tax.

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