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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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What is Parallel Generation?

"Parallel generation" refers to a generator that produces electricity while it is connected to the electric grid. Your electrician or consultant can tell you whether your generator will operate in parallel.

Generator Interconnection

You'll need permission to interconnect your parallel generator to Dominion Energy’s electric grid. Interconnections must be individually accepted and inspected prior to beginning parallel operation.

There are several options available for interconnecting your parallel generator, including net metering or selling the generator output. Specific requirements will vary depending on whether your project is located in Virginia or North Carolina and whether it is a distribution or transmission interconnection.

Interconnection Jurisdictions

Under Federal Jurisdiction

Many interconnections to our distribution system involve federal jurisdiction. Since all requests involving federal jurisdiction are processed by PJM Interconnection, you should initially contact PJM about your request.

Depending upon the characteristics of your interconnection, PJM will either process your request or suggest that you contact us to process your request under state jurisdiction. PJM Interconnection is the regional transmission organization (RTO) that administers many of the interconnections to Dominion Energy’s system in accordance with the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT).

You can learn more about PJM Generator Interconnection Procedures on the PJM website.

Interconnections to Dominion Energy’s transmission system must also comply with our Facility Connection Requirements. Additional information about Dominion Energy’s electric transmission system including PJM OATT, informational postings/notices required by Federal mandates, and electric transmission planning and statistics are available on the Electric Transmission web page.

Under State Jurisdiction

If your interconnection does not involve federal jurisdiction, your request will be processed in accordance with the appropriate state requirements.

To get started in Virginia or North Carolina, complete an interconnection request and submit it to the Dominion Energy address below.

Generator Interconnections
Dominion Energy Virginia/North Carolina
600 E. Canal Street - Floor 11 South
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dominion Energy North Carolina

State jurisdictional interconnections in North Carolina are subject to the North Carolina Interconnection Procedures, Forms, and Agreements under North Carolina Utilities Commission Docket E-100 Sub 101 and Section XXIV of Dominion Energy North Carolina's Terms and Conditions.

These regulations provide information, application forms, and requirements for interconnection and parallel operation of customer-owned generating facilities in North Carolina.

Net Metering

If your generator is fueled entirely by renewable energy, you may be able to sign up for net metering, where any power in excess of what you consume is fed back to the electric grid to offset future consumption.

To learn more, see the Net Metering Terms and Conditions for either Dominion Energy Virginia or Dominion Energy North Carolina. Alternately, you can visit the Net Metering homepage.

Other Resources

  • Overview – Interconnection Steps provides a listing of the basic steps for interconnecting your generator.
  • For electric service, please consult Dominion Energy’s Blue Book - Information and Requirements. Section 190 of the Blue Book has information regarding customer generation.

For more information on generator interconnections or parallel operation, call 804-775-5658, send us an email, or write a letter to:

Generator Interconnections
Dominion Energy North Carolina
600 E. Canal Street - Floor 11 South
Richmond, Virginia 23219

DER Interconnection Parameters Manual
  • The Interconnection Parameters for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) guide includes details of Dominion Energy's DER general study process and parameters and DER general interconnection parameters.
Hosting Capacity Tool
  • This tool shows the distribution grid's available hosting capacity to help guide customers and developers on installation placement, ultimately saving time and money.

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