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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Billing Options

We offer a variety of options to manage and pay your bill.

Dominion Energy provides a variety of payment options for our customers. A few of these options are listed below.

Online for free: Make an immediate payment or schedule a payment from your checking account. It’s free!

Online or by phone: Pay using a debit or credit card as a One Time Payment or call 833-281-1507.

  • $1.65 transaction fee
  • Payment will reflect immediately as a pending payment on your account

In person: Visit any authorized payment center to pay your bill.

  • $1.50 convenience fee
  • Payment will reflect immediately as a pending payment on your account
Learn More about All Available Payment Methods

Need more time to pay? Special payment arrangements are available for a limited time.

Sign in to see if you're eligible or call us at 866-366-4357 to set up a plan.

  • Available for residential and commercial customers.
  • There are no fees associated with payment plans.

Long-Term Payment Plans

A long-term payment plan is an agreement to pay your current bill and a set amount towards a past due balance, each month. It divides the past due balance into equal payments.  

Short-Term Payment Extensions

A payment extension provides more time to pay your bill.

Learn More about our Standard Short and/or Long-term Payment Plans

Pay the same amount each month. There are no extra fees.

  • Your monthly budget bill is the average of your previous 12 bills.
  • The budget amount is reviewed periodically and may increase or decrease based on how much energy is used.
  • This option is available for small businesses, mid-size businesses, and places of worship.
Learn More about Budget Billing

Manage Account

Easily manage your bill or make payments online 24/7.

Visit Our Support Page for Help Accessing or Managing Your Account


24/7 online access to view, pay, or print your bill from anywhere.

  • Receive email or text notifications when a new bill is ready or before your bill is due.
  • Free same day payments from your bank account.
  • eBill is available for both residential and non-residential customers.
Learn More or Enroll in eBill Today

Individuals with a serious medical condition may require electrically-powered medical equipment. To notify Dominion Energy of a serious medical condition in your home, request your physician complete and return the Serious Medical Condition Certification form.

  • The form requires a physician's statement and signature.
  • Completed forms may be emailed to
  • The form must be renewed every 12 months.
  • A medical notification does not guarantee uninterrupted power. If power goes out, we will make every effort to restore service quickly. Have an alternate care plan or maintain a battery-powered backup in the event of loss of electric service.
  • Customers with a medical notation are responsible for their energy bill and may be disconnected for non-payment.

We are committed to helping you with whatever scenario that comes up. If you experience financial hardship, please call us to discuss account options or learn about available bill payment assistance.

Download and Print Our Serious Medical Condition Certification Form

Bill Payment Assistance

We offer a variety of options to manage and pay your bill.

The North Carolina Department of Social Services has programs to assist with electric bills. In addition, many nonprofits and houses of faith may be able to help.

The North Carolina Department of Social Services offers several ways to assist customers with their energy bills. Contact your local Department of Social Services to apply and for additional information.

Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)

  • This program assists individuals and families who are experiencing a heating or cooling related crisis.

Application Period

  • July 1 through June 30 or until funds are exhausted

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have at least one U.S. citizen or non-citizen who meets the eligibility criteria
  • Meet income requirements
  • Must have a health related or life threatening emergency to potentially be eligible
  • Have a utility statement that shows how much is owed to alleviate the crisis (A disconnect notice is not currently required. A final notice or past due utility bill may be presented.)

How to Apply

Visit the North Carolina Department of Social Services for More Information about the CIP

EnergyShare® is our heating energy assistance program of last resort and is available to anyone who faces financial hardship, regardless of income.

Application Period

  • Oct 1 – May 30

Benefit Amount

  • $600 maximum

Eligibility Requirements

  • No income restrictions.
  • Must demonstrate a crisis.
  • Must have heating expense responsibility.
  • Must be a resident of the locality in which application is made.

How to Apply

Learn More About Dominion Energy's EnergyShare® Program

2-1-1 North Carolina

This free service can refer you to additional available utility assistance programs in your locality, from non-profits to houses of faith.

  • All referrals are free and confidential
  • 2-1-1 North Carolina is available 24/7, by phone (dial 2-1-1) or by visiting
  • Trained professionals can refer you to resources for many needs:
    • Utility and rental assistance programs
    • Food banks
    • Shelters
    • Physical and mental health resources
    • Child care and elder care
    • And much more
  • 2-1-1 North Carolina does not provide financial assistance or take applications for any programs, but provides referrals to available programs in your area.
Visit 2-1-1 North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Social Services (NC DSS)

NC DSS' programs are designed to help North Carolina's most vulnerable citizens find solutions to life's many challenges.

The Department administers a variety of programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program called Work First (WF), Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps), Medicaid, child and adult services, disability services, and more.

Emergency Assistance (Short-Term Financial Assistance for Families in Crisis)

Families who are experiencing a financial emergency may be eligible for financial help to pay for housing and utilities.

Eligibility Requirements

Families that meet the following criteria may be eligible:

  • The family must have a child who lives with a relative as defined for Work First Family Assistance
  • Total income must be at or below 200% of poverty level
  • The family has proof of identity and citizenship

How to Apply

Work First applicants are required to register for the First Stop Employment Assistance Program with the Employment Security Commission. Failure to register results in the family's ineligibility for Work First Family Assistance.

Apply at your local Department of Social Services.

Visit the North Carolina Department of Social Services for More Information about Any of These Programs

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Response page

Created by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, this website provides resources to North Carolinian’s in need.

Find information for:

  • Assistance and support programs
  • Assistance with health care needs and to locate providers
  • Child care information and providers
  • And much more
Visit the NCHHS COVID-19 website

Housing Assistance

Assistance is available to help with rent and mortgages.

Learn More about the Homeowners Assistance Fund

Established through the American Rescue Plan of 2021, the NC Homeowner Assistance Fund was created for homeowners in North Carolina to help prevent mortgage delinquencies, defaults, displacements and foreclosures due to COVID-19.

Application Period:

  • The program is currently accepting applications.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants who need help with mortgage payments may be eligible if there is a pandemic-related financial hardship and need help with housing expenses related to the home in North Carolina.

  • Financial hardship can be due to job loss/business closure, reduction in hours or pay, difficulty obtaining new employment, death of a spouse or co-borrower, or increased expenses due to the pandemic.
  • Increased expenses could be due to health care, the need to care for a family member, increased childcare costs due to school closures, or increased costs associated with quarantine.
  • Visit the NC Homeowner Assistance Fund webpage for more eligibility information.

How to Apply:

LIWAP provides emergency assistance through the NC Department of Social Services to low-income households, particularly those with the lowest incomes, that pay a high proportion of household income for drinking water and wastewater services.

Application Period:

  • Applications are now being accepted through September 30, 2023 or until funds are exhausted.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The household must have at least one U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen and:
    • Have income equal to or less than 150% of the federal poverty level.
    • Have household services that are disconnected, in jeopardy of disconnection, or have a current outstanding bill.
    • Be responsible for the water bill.
  • Visit the LIWAP webpage for more information.

How to Apply:

Learn More about the Low Income Water Assistance Program

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Emergency Broadband Benefit program

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