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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Gas Installation Process

Our Builder Representatives handle all of the natural gas utility work for your development. This includes:

  • Coordinating the utility design work.
  • Site planning.
  • Completing your meter sets for individual houses.
  • Coordinating with the builders.
  1. First, we’ll walk you through all permit requirements and procedures.
  2. Once site and/or plot plans have been reviewed, our engineers will then design the appropriate underground facilities. Next, we'll develop appropriate time schedules and provide coordination throughout construction.
  3. After piping is installed and construction is underway, you can call us to arrange to run a line from the main gas line in the road to each individual home.
  4. We’ll also arrange for meter sets on each house. We guarantee that a meter will be set within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of your call.

Our expert service technicians can also handle your interior gas piping needs, from rough-in to final connections.

Contact Your Builder Representative for a Quote

Joint Trenching

We can streamline the utility installation for your new construction projects. By teaming up with other utilities that require trenches to be dug, we’re able to have one crew install all utilities into a joint trench.

Program Benefits

  • Save money on installation costs.
  • Save time on scheduling and installation.
  • Consolidate all utilities into a central location.
  • Cause less disruption to property such as curbs and lot stakes.
  • Minimize damage to other utilities.

Talk to your builder representative to find out if joint trenching is available on your project.

Contact a Builder Representative

We make it easy to bring natural gas to the homes you build. Call us an time with questions or service needs.

Dominion Energy North Carolina appliance sales, installation, maintenance and repair programs are not a part of the regulated services offered by Dominion Energy North Carolina and are not in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

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