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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Event Today - 3PM to 6PM. Dominion Energy has called an event for Smart Cooling and Smart Thermostat Rewards. Participants may experience a slight temperature increase in their homes. If you have questions about the programs or the event, please call toll-free 888-366-8280.
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Home Energy Assessment

Find out where your home is costing you money and comfort

You want your home to be a comfortable place for your family to spend time, but it doesn’t have to be a place that you spend all of your money. A home energy assessment can help identify areas where your energy bill could be reduced by taking steps to increase the efficiency of some of your home’s systems and appliances.

The low-cost assessment - performed on your hot water heater, lighting, air ducts, and faucets - will give you access to a personalized report containing cost-effective options to help you reduce your energy usage.

Our pre-qualified contractors can perform both the assessment and the recommended improvements. You may even qualify for financial incentives that help to offset cost of the improvements.

Potential program measures include:

  • Direct Install Lighting
  • Hot Water Appliances
  • Efficient Faucets and Aerators
  • Heat Pump Tune-Up and Upgrade
  • Duct Sealing and Duct Insulation
  • Cool Roof
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Schedule an assessment with an approved contractor at a time that is convenient for you. They will conduct a 30-60 minute walk-through of your home and install simple measures, while identifying larger energy-saving opportunities. The contractor will work with you to submit the rebate application for work completed at your home, on your behalf.

Note: By participating in this program, you are signifying your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the program.

Home Energy Assessment Rebate Applications

Have more questions? Call us at 888-366-8280.

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