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Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Billing Options


  • View, print or pay your bill online at anytime.
  • Receive email notifications before your bill is due.
  • Going paperless is available for both residential and non-residential customers.

Budget Billing

  • Avoid seasonal swings with Budget Billing.
  • Your monthly bill is the average of your previous 12 bills.
  • This option is also available for small businesses, mid-size businesses, and places of worship.

Third-Party Notification

Dominion Energy will send a copy of any shut-off notice to a third party designated by a customer (i.e., friend, relative, clergy person, public agency, etc.). We also will make a reasonable effort to contact the third party before shut off occurs.

The third party is not responsible for paying the bill. However, this party may be able to help the customer make arrangements to avoid service termination.

Energy Assistance

Payment plans and energy assistance programs can help you get through difficult times. Select a resource below, or call 2-1-1. This is a free, confidential service that helps people find the resources they need, 24/7.

Dominion Energy offers other services to help you through difficult times:

  • Payment arrangements tailored to fit your individual needs.
  • A Budget Plan divides your estimated annual billing amount into 12 equal payments so your bill is the same every month, helping you avoid seasonal swings.

For more information, please contact us.

If you are an energy assistance worker, click here to access the Gas Assistance Portal.

Other Services

Dominion Energy offers excess flow valves (EFVs), which automatically reduce the flow of gas if a customer or contractor accidentally breaks a line while digging. For more information about this service as well as other business policies, natural gas safety and additional services we offer, please call 801-324-3866.

Customer's Statement of Rights & Responsibilities

The Public Service Commission of Utah has established rules about utility consumer/company relationships. These rules assure customers of certain rights and outline customer responsibilities and cover:

  • Payment of bills
  • Late charges
  • Security deposits
  • Handling complaints
  • Service disconnections

The following is a summary of issues that may be important to you, as a consumer:

Rights ...
Dominion Energy will:

  • Provide service if you are a qualified applicant.
  • Offer you a 12-month deferred payment agreement if you have a financial emergency;
  • Let you pay a security deposit in three installments, if one is required;
  • Follow specific procedures for service disconnection for nonpayment, which include providing you notice postmarked at least 10 days before service is disconnected;
  • Offer winter shut-off protection of utility service to qualifying ratepayers (as authorized by Utah Code Ann. §62A-10-201 to 204 (1997) and Idaho PUC Utility Customer Relations Rules, Rule 306);
  • Advise you of possible financial assistance programs to help you pay your bills;
  • Continue service for a reasonable time if you provide a physician’s statement that a medical emergency exists in your home; and
  • Give you written information about Commission rules and your rights and responsibilities as a customer under those rules.

Responsibilities ...
You, the customer, will:

  • Use services safely and pay for them promptly;
  • Contact Dominion Energy when you have a problem with payment, service, safety, billing or customer service;
  • Notify Dominion Energy about billing or other errors;
  • Contact Dominion Energy if you anticipate a payment problem to help establish a payment plan;
  • Notify Dominion Energy if you move to another residence;
  • Notify Dominion Energy about stopping service in your name or about stopping service altogether; and
  • Permit access to your property for essential Dominion Energy personnel and equipment.

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