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orange sky during sunset at solar farm

Building the Next Generation of Clean Energy

Inspired by his father, who worked for decades at a local electric cooperative, Lloyd is now carrying the torch and continuing his family’s legacy of serving the community. In his case, this means making our clean energy future a reality.

Learn About Lloyd's Contribution to Offshore Wind

Creating a Brighter Future with Clean Energy

Mamadou witnessed the impact solar projects can have on a community when he worked for a renewable energy startup in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Today, he works as a consulting engineer on our renewable energy projects — ensuring that our solar and other clean energy projects can safely and reliably integrate to the electric grid and power homes and businesses.

Read More About Mamadou's Role Ensuring Solar Reliability


43% Reduction

We're helping to lead the transition to clean energy. Since 2005, we've reduced carbon emissions from our electric generation 43%, and we will keep reducing these emissions. We are investing heavily in renewables such as solar and wind, along with low- and no-carbon energy sources.

Making Our Workplace More Sustainable

Lisa Curll

Workplace sustainability is literally, Lisa’s day job. As a senior sustainability specialist, she spends her time identifying opportunities to make our workplaces greener and working to implement sustainable solutions.

Learn More About Lisa's Passion for Sustainability

Harnessing the Power of the Sun for Clean Energy

In her role as a renewable energy project manager, Gloria ensures that our solar technicians and personnel are operating and maintaining our solar sites so that we can provide reliable, affordable, clean energy to our customers.

As we bring more clean energy to the grid, employees like Gloria must be able to adapt quickly to change.

Learn More About How Solar Energy Works



"Over the next decade and a half, we anticipate investing up to $72 billion in renewable, storage, and electric and gas grid transformation opportunities, and ensuring the continued operations of our zero-carbon nuclear power stations. We expect these investments will improve our environmental profile even further."

- Bob Blue
Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer

A Career Protecting Wildlife and Our Infrastructure

Matt Overton

Matt, a biological consultant, has spend more than a decade ensuring that wildlife is protected across our footprint. His role is integral to the way we do business.

Learn More About How Matt Works to Protect Birds
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