Virginia Solar Projects

Virginia Solar

Dominion Energy has announced plans to develop multiple utility-scale solar projects in Virginia through 2020. We could also add at least 5,200 megawatts of solar in the state over the next 25 years to meet customers' energy needs.

Here are the completed projects and the projects under construction in Virginia:

Solar Distributed Generation in Virginia

Additional Programs and Program Comparisons

  • Our Solar Purchase Program enables installation owners to sell energy output and renewable energy credits to Dominion Energy.
  • Our Solar Partnership Program is a demonstration program that studies the benefits and integration of locally sited solar.
  • Learn about Community Solar, a new program that allows customers to support local solar energy projects without the costs and maintenance of installing solar panels at their home or business.
  • Learn about Net Metering, a special metering and billing agreement between Dominion Energy and its customers. Net Metering facilitates the connection of renewable energy-generating systems to the power grid.
  • View a chart that compares the Solar Purchase Program with Net Metering.