Nuclear Power Stations

Millstone Power Station

Providing enough carbon-free electricity to power 2 million homes.

Responsible for $1.55 billion economic impact in Connecticut annually.
North Anna Power Station

Providing enough electricity to power about 450,000 homes.

Supports more than 900 jobs in Louisa, VA.
Surry Power Station

Providing enough electricity to power about 420,000 homes.

Typically produces the equivalent of 20% of electricity for Virginia customers.

Kewaunee Power Station

Kewaunee is located in Carlton, WI and closed in 2013.


dependable 24 hours a day"It's a secure source that we can depend on 24 hours a day because it isn't subject to changing weather conditions, unpredictable fuel cost fluctuations or over-dependence on foreign suppliers."


clean air benefits
Clean Air Benefits

Nuclear energy is by far the largest source of electricity that doesn't emit any air pollution - and the only one that can produce large amounts of electricity around the clock.  Nuclear energy has a major role in protecting America's air quality. 

environmental benefits
Environmental Benefits

Nuclear energy is by far America's largest source of clean, emission-free electricity, producing no greenhouse gases or air pollutants.  The industry's commitment to the environment extends to protecting wildlife and their habitats. 

economical benefits
Economical Benefits

Each year, Nuclear pays about $67 million in federal taxes and almost $16 million in state and local taxes - crucial revenue that benefits schools and other infrastructure and programs.

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