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In addition to providing inexpensive, clean, reliable electricity, the station produces other benefits:

  • Supporting almost 4,000 jobs
  • Producing over $1.5 billion in annual economic benefits to Connecticut
  • Generating the equivalent of nearly half the electricity consumed in Connecticut
  • Generating more than 90 percent of the state’s carbon-free electricity
  • Preventing 8.3 million metric tons of CO2 from being released each year

Directions and maps

Infographic showing 47% of Connecticut's electricity and 90% of its carbon-free electricity comes from Millstone Power Station. Millstone produces 16.8 million megawatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to serve 2 million homes and prevent CO2 emissions equivalent to 470,000 cars.

We are Millstone

Casual headshot of Susan Gonzalez

"Millstone's commitment to Environmental Stewardship ensures that we are protecting our natural resources while continually seeking ways to improve the station's environmental performance. I have been provided many opportunities for learning and growth and am excited to participate in the future of Millstone Power Station. In the Environmental Lab, we truly are a team - sharing knowledge and skills as we safely work together to monitor the marine biological communities surrounding the plant."

Susan Gonzalez

Biologist, Millstone Power Station

Clean Energy Fleet in Connecticut  


Shine on Connecticut

Supplying solar energy to the people of Connecticut.


Fuel Cell

Increased renewable capacity and clean energy projects in Connecticut.

Additional Resources

About the Environment

A continuous monitoring program shows virtually no environmental impact from operation of the station

Chmura's Report

Safety Planning

Educational Resources

  • Read our Media Manual for general information on the station, nuclear power, radiation, plant components and systems, emergency procedures, security and much more
  • If you have questions about Millstone or nuclear energy, email Corporate Communications
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