Executive Leadership

Thomas F. Farrell ll Thomas F. Farrell, II

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert M. Blue Robert M. Blue

Executive Vice President and President and CEO – Power Delivery Group

Paul D. Koonce Paul D. Koonce

Executive Vice President and President and CEO – Power Generation Group

Diane Leopold Diane Leopold

Executive Vice President and President and CEO – Gas Infrastructure Group

Mark F. McGettrick Mark F. McGettrick

Executive Vice President

Carter M. Reid Carter M. Reid

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative & Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary

James R. Chapman James R. Chapman

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Mark O. Webb Mark O. Webb

Senior Vice President – Corporate Affairs and Chief Innovation Officer

Thomas P. Wohlfarth Thomas P. Wohlfarth

Senior Vice President – Regulatory Affairs

Carlos M. Brown Carlos M. Brown

Vice President and General Counsel

Other Senior Leaders

Paul E. Ruppert Paul E. Ruppert

President – Gas Transmission

Wagstaff Craig C. Wagstaff

President – Gas Distribution

Edward J. "Ed" Baine Edward H. Baine

Senior Vice President – Distribution

P. Rodney Blevins P. Rodney Blevins

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Anne A. Bomar Anne E. Bomar

Senior Vice President – Pipeline Services & Optimization

Katheryn B. Curtis Katheryn B. Curtis

Senior Vice President – Generation

Pamela F. Faggert Pamela F. Faggert

Chief Environmental Officer and Senior Vice President – Sustainability

Daniel G. Stoddard Daniel G. Stoddard

Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer

Donald R. Raikes Donald R. Raikes

Senior Vice President – Dominion Midstream Operations

Michele L. Cardiff Michele L. Cardiff

Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer