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Lobbying & Political Contributions Policy

As a company whose operations are subject to extensive regulation throughout its multi-state service territory, Dominion Energy actively participates in political processes at local, state and national levels. Our goal is to contribute to legislative and rule-making activities affecting our business consistent with our corporate values and strategies, and to educate and inform public officials of the practical effects of public policy decisions and objectives they consider. Always, our efforts carefully balance several primary, related goals: to create and preserve long-term shareholder value; to ensure safe, dependable, reliable and affordable energy supplies for our customers; and our corporate commitment to preserve and improve the natural environment.

Corporate Political Contributions

To promote transparency of our political activity, we are pleased to provide a voluntary report of corporate contributions to 527 tax-exempt political organizations, contributions to 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organizations which appear they may utilize some funds for political purposes, for trade associations and other tax-exempt organizations to which we contribute $50,000 or more, the portions of our payments attributable to lobbying and payments greater than $50,000 in the aggregate to national 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations whose predominate purpose is to provide venues for the exchange of ideas on matters of public policy. Dominion Energy's policies ensure that all corporate political donations made by the company are in full compliance with all applicable federal and state election laws, rules and regulations.

Dominion Energy's Annual Reports of Contributions:

To enhance our reporting, beginning in 2022, Dominion Energy will publish a report on memberships in organizations determined to be influential in climate policy. This new report will include assessment of association alignment with the company’s climate goals and the Paris Agreement, and will be reviewed with the Dominion Energy Board of Directors. In addition to retrospective assessment and reporting, we will update processes related to prospective memberships and associations renewals or new engagements, as well as outline the steps the company will take to address future misalignment.

Dominion Energy Political Action Committee

Dominion Energy encourages its employees to be active members of their communities. Along with participation in civic, charitable and volunteer activities, this includes participation in the political process.

All eligible employees and shareholders of Dominion Energy may make voluntary contributions to the Dominion Energy Political Action Committee (PAC).

Information on PAC Contributions

All PAC contributions to federal elections may be found on the Federal Elections Commission website. You can view PAC contributions to state and local political campaigns on the websites of election boards of those states where we do business (all contributions to political candidates, parties and committees, including recipient names and amounts, are provided in each report):

* Utilizes corporate contributions to political candidates, parties and committees.

Information relating to Virginia contributions may also be found at the website of the Virginia Public Access Project, a nonprofit state-based campaign finance disclosure organization.


Dominion Energy actively participates in the political process to help shape policies that advance our business strategies and goals, promote effective public and government relations, and serve the interests of key stakeholder groups. By engaging with elected officials, regulators, community and business leaders, and environmental and safety agencies, among others, we strive to conduct our business as transparently as possible in hopes of building public trust and forming lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Public Disclosure

Dominion Energy and its subsidiaries and their lobbyists are required to file lobbying reports with the U.S. Congress and with state agencies on a regular basis, disclosing information about their lobbying activities.

The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires that we Register and Report to the U.S. congress details on the bills and issues on which individual lobbyists had activity, as well as the total lobbying expenses incurred during each calendar quarter.

Dominion Energy and its registered federal lobbyists must also file semi-annual reports detailing, among other things, Dominion Energy PAC disbursements and personal and/or direct contributions to federal candidates and philanthropic contributions that meet the requirements set by Congress.

Dominion Energy conducts lobbying activities in the following states. Reports are made available for review on the applicable state agency websites. Required disclosures comply with individual state laws and filing timelines.

Board Oversight

On an annual basis, the Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs Officer shall report to the Audit Committee, comprised of independent directors on the Dominion Energy Board of Directors, on the company’s political and lobbying activities, expenditures, and its governing policies, including payments to trade associations and other tax-exempt organizations that may be used for political purposes.

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