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Personal Political Participation

Employees should feel free to advance issues they personally care about. To that end, Dominion Energy will provide employees with its position on important issues, but we respect an employee's right to disagree with the company positions.

Because laws and regulations governing political activities and contributions are complex, employees must not act on Dominion Energy's behalf or in any way give the impression that their own opinions represent those of the company unless they are expressly authorized to do so. In limited circumstances, employees may engage in political activity on company time if it is approved by Dominion Energy's Corporate Affairs department.

Political Contributions Policy

Dominion Energy supports public policies that promote its commitment to sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy. Dominion Energy’s decisions on spending corporate funds recognize these policy positions and a wide range of other criteria, including candidates’ commitments to responsible energy policies. Dominion Energy's decisions on spending corporate funds recognize these policy positions and a wide range of other criteria, including candidates’ commitments to responsible energy policies.

Dominion Energy's policies ensure that all corporate political donations made by the company are in full compliance with all applicable federal and state election laws, rules and regulations. Dominion Energy's policies also ensure that representatives of the corporation file all necessary reports with the various state boards of election and the Federal Elections Commission in a complete and timely manner. All requests for political contributions are reviewed by the company’s Corporate Affairs Department before any contributions are made to ensure compliance with Dominion Energy's political spending policies and all applicable laws and regulations.

Corporate Contributions

Federal law generally places limits on a corporation's ability to participate in the political process. Therefore, Dominion Energy does not contribute corporate funds directly to federal or state political candidates, committees or parties, where prohibited. 

Each state where Dominion Energy does business has different regulations governing political contributions in state and local elections. Dominion Energy participates in the political process in accordance with all state laws, and any and all corporate contributions are expected to comply with all applicable state laws and regulations. Our contribution decisions are based on what is in the best interests of Dominion Energy and not based on the personal preference of our executives.

We also have a voice on state and federal issues through trade associations. The associations we join represent a broad array of professional and industrial interests. This is because Dominion Energy is active in both the electric power and natural gas industries. Our trade association memberships cover three areas: the electric industry, the nuclear power industry and the natural gas industry. Additionally, we are active in chambers of commerce because we actively promote the economic health of the jurisdictions we serve.

Reporting on Dominion Energy's Corporate Political Contributions

Select contributions to 527 organizations (tax-exempt organizations that engage in political activities) and trade associations are made with the approval of the senior governmental affairs officer. Dominion Energy also makes contributions to a limited number of 501(c)(4) organizations whose primary purpose is to promote social welfare, and, in rare instances, those organizations which appear they may utilize some funds for policy and political purposes.

As part of our continued commitment to good governance and transparency, we are pleased to provide a voluntary report of corporate contributions made to 527 and 501(c)(4) organizations. Included in the report, based upon information when provided by a trade association, we are also providing the lobbying portion of payments and dues to trade organizations that if made directly by Dominion Energy would not be deductible under section 162(e) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Dominion Energy's Annual Reports of Contributions:

Dominion Energy Political Action Committee

Dominion Energy encourages its employees to be active members of their communities. Along with participation in civic, charitable and volunteer activities, this includes participation in the political process.

All eligible employees and shareholders of Dominion Energy may make voluntary contributions to the Dominion Energy Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is directed by a board of employees, which approves all decisions regarding the PAC's political contributions budget. Contributions go directly to support political candidates at both the state and federal levels.

All PAC contributions are publicly disclosed on the website of the Federal Election Commission.

Information on PAC Political Contributions

As noted above, all PAC contributions to federal elections may be found on the Federal Elections Commission website. You can view PAC contributions to state and local political campaigns on the websites of election boards of those states where we do business:

Information relating to Virginia contributions may also be found at the website of the Virginia Public Access Project, a nonprofit state-based campaign finance disclosure organization.

Board Oversight

Our Audit Committee, which is comprised entirely of independent directors, annually reviews the company's policy and political expenditures, including corporate payments to trade associations.


Dominion Energy actively participates in the political process to help shape policies that advance our business strategies and goals, promote effective public and government relations, and serve the interests of key stakeholder groups. By engaging with elected officials, regulators, community and business leaders, and environmental and safety agencies, among others, we strive to conduct our business as transparently as possible in hopes of building public trust and forming lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Dominion Energy engages registered lobbyists, both federal and state, to support its legislative and regulatory activities. These lobbyists are carefully selected and are engaged only with the approval of our senior governmental affairs officer at the appropriate entity.

Management provides regular updates on lobbying activities to the CEO or to the President of the applicable subsidiary. When appropriate, management also discusses Company lobbying activities with Dominion Energy’s Board of Directors as part of its oversight responsibilities.

Public Disclosure

Dominion Energy and its subsidiaries and their lobbyists are required to file lobbying reports with the U.S. Congress and with state agencies on a regular basis, disclosing information about their lobbying activities. The reports include information on the issues lobbied, the agencies contacted and the expenditures made, and are available for public review on the websites of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, as noted below.

Dominion Energy maintains and files Lobbying Disclosure Act Registration and Reports (Form LD-2) with the U.S. Congress. These reports detail the particular bills and issues on which individual lobbyists had activity, as well as the total lobbying expenses incurred during each calendar quarter.

Dominion Energy and its registered federal lobbyists must also file semi-annual reports detailing, among other things, Dominion Energy PAC disbursements and personal and/or direct contributions to federal candidates.

Dominion Energy conducts lobbying activities in the following states. Reports are made available for review on the applicable state agency websites. Required disclosures comply with individual state laws and filing timelines.

Trade Associations

Dominion Energy works with trade associations in its government relations activities. Depending on their roles, these organizations may be subject to lobbyist registration and disclosure reporting obligations, with their reports made available to the public by the federal and state agencies overseeing lobbying activities.

For the trade associations where Dominion Energy has contributed $50,000 or more, and the organization informs the Company a portion of annual dues was used for lobbying, Dominion Energy discloses the name of the trade association and the dollar amount used for lobbying in its Annual Report of Contributions, which is discussed above.

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