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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Available Tools & Services

  • Our QuestLine® system is available to help you manage your nominations and usage.
  • We also provide information on available gas suppliers.
  • Dominion Energy representatives are available to answer any questions.
  • Information about release of Dominion Energy capacity, contracts and forms are also available below.


The PipeViewer system displays current system operations for the Dominion Energy distribution system. This includes meter activity, volumes, pressures, temperatures, limited gas quality and limited meter configurations.

Natural Gas Commodity and Service Providers

Several of the companies listed below also provide energy consultation services.

Company Name Marketing Contact Phone Number
BP Energy Company Brent Turner 801-939-9124
CIMA Energy Matt Medura 801-606-2462
CIMA Energy Matt Miller 303-256-3511
Concord Energy, LLC Doug Fernley 303-468-1248
Center Point Energy Services, Inc. Richard Hitzeman 720-305-0847
Cost Management Services, Inc. Ted Lehmann 206-236-8808
Energy Strategies, LLC Jeff J. Fishman 801-355-4365
EOG Resources David Deal 713-651-6852
Freedom Energy Logistics August Fromuth 603-625-2244
Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. Eric Hendry 713-215-7621
Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. Steven Keeney 713-215-7704
Sage Energy Trading, LLC Cindy Eimen 918-362-2310
Shell Trading Gas & Power Chad Medina 619-203-2853
Summit Energy LLC Scott DeGering 801-721-2348
Tiger Natural Gas, Inc. Anthony Cianflone 303-665-8561
Twin Eagle Roger Ponce 480-659-1417
United Energy Trading Marcus Eller 720-897-4744
Vista Energy Paul Antha 713-877-9901

Disclaimer: This information has been provided to Dominion Energy by third parties. Although we attempt to keep the list current, we are not responsible for its accuracy.

Natural gas suppliers or service providers who would like to be included on this list should contact Brad Simons at 801-324-5802.

Contracts & Forms

We use a variety of agreements and contracts when doing business with our customers.

Firm and interruptible transportation services are available on Dominion Energy's distribution system.

Our QuestLine® System lets customers nominate daily gas supplies to be transported to their facilities.

For customers working with an agent, please contact your Dominion Energy Account Representative.

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Capacity Release

To contract for capacity release, use our QuestLine® System.

Dominion Energy has contracted for firm transportation, storage and no-notice transportation service with Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLC.

As part of these arrangements, Dominion Energy will pay full rate for this capacity whether the capacity is used or not. On days that Dominion Energy does not need to use this capacity, it will release the capacity back to Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline to be sold to other parties.

Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline will then post the released capacity services on its web-based Contract Administration System, QuestLine®, for parties to bid on and purchase. Contractual arrangements for this released capacity will be with Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline directly. Any revenue received from Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline for capacity released and resold will be credited to Dominion Energy's monthly bill.

Dominion Energy can lower its costs by releasing and maximizing the revenue from its release capacity. This released-capacity program enables Dominion Energy to resell services it needs on peak days to other parties during times of the year when the service from Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline is not needed.

Acquiring Released Capacity

There are two ways to acquire a parcel of Dominion Energy's released capacity:

  1. You can wait until Dominion Energy releases unneeded capacity back to Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline. It is then posted on Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline's QuestLine® System and the customer can bid a price and conditions to purchase that capacity.
  2. You can work with us directly to prearrange a deal. This prearranged deal will include all the negotiated terms, conditions, price, quantity and time frames. We'll then release the capacity to Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline's web-based QuestLine® System. This transaction, however, is released as a prearranged deal.
  3. A prearranged deal gives you more control over the transaction. Customers with prearranged deals have the right of first refusal. If another party sees the prearranged deal posted on Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline's QuestLine® System and chooses to exceed the agreed upon price, terms, conditions, quantity and time frame, the first party can choose to match the increased price or terms or let the other party purchase the released capacity.

Capacity Release Contracts

Dominion Energy's transportation customers should call their account representative. Marketers working on behalf of on-system transportation customers or interested in Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline capacity for off-system business, should call Dominion Energy's marketing department.

Working with Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline's QuestLine® Contracting System

In order to bid on Dominion Energy's released capacity or contract for capacity specified in a prearranged deal, you must have the proper hardware, keyboard, memory, modem, monitor and access codes to work with Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline's QuestLine® System.

For more details about Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline's QuestLine® System or to have specific questions about this system answered, call 801-324-5200 #2.

Firm Transportation Capacity Release - Receipt and Delivery Points

We may release unutilized firm transportation service from several receipt points to a delivery point. We'll only be allowed to release the receipt and delivery points listed on the firm transportation agreement with Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline.

Flexible Receipt and Delivery Points

An acquiring shipper may nominate receipt and delivery points other than those listed on the released firm transportation agreement. The method of choosing an alternate receipt or delivery point is through the nomination process.

Industrial & Transportation Customer Contacts

Dominion Energy
333 South State Street
P.O. Box 45360
Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0360

Account Management


Commercial / Industrial

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