Scammers May Take Advantage of Fears Related to Coronavirus

This pandemic provides a unique opportunity for scammers and cyber attackers to exploit the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with a public health crisis.

Be alert to fraudulent calls and claims

For example, customers report that individuals claiming to represent their utility have contacted them in person and over the phone and told them their service will be disconnected unless a balance is paid. Remember: aggressive threats to disconnect service and demands for immediate payment are telltale signs of scam activity.

Watch out for online scams

Exercise caution with email messages  and websites containing content regarding coronavirus. Cyber attackers may use this opportunity to launch phishing attacks that attempt to spread malicious software or infected attachments via email and fake websites. Always check the URL address before clicking a link in an email or use your web browser to access the site you are looking for directly.

In general, look out for these clues when you receive a phone call or email:

  • Messages that communicate a tremendous sense of urgency
  • Messages that pressure you to ignore security policies or procedures
  • Messages that promote miracle cures or vaccines that will protect you
  • Messages that come from individuals claiming to be a public official or to represent a government organization
  • Emails containing poor grammar and/or misspelled words

Now more than ever, it is imperative that you only seek information from trusted sources. For more information on coronavirus scams, visit the FTC website at:

a group in your area

or access your account

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