Millstone Power Station

Powering Connecticut

Each day Millstone Power Station provides abundant low-cost, low-carbon power to New England. The station produces enough electricity to power 2 million homes. The operation of the Millstone Power Station produces over 1.5 billion dollars in annual economic benefits to our state, supports more than 3,900 jobs, and generates the equivalent of over half the electricity consumed in Connecticut.

Millstone's Benefit to Connecticut

clean energy

Clean Energy, Around-the-Clock Power

to meet the power needs of 2 MILLION HOMES.

stable rates

Stable Rates, Lower Prices

Working together to provide stable electricity prices and rates for Connecticut consumers.

our home

This is Our Home

Learn about how we are investing in the future of our communities.

About the Environment

A continuous monitoring program shows virtually no environmental impact from operation of the station

Safety Planning

Chmura's Report

Educational Resources

  • Read our Media Manual (pdf) for general information on the station, nuclear power, radiation, plant components and systems, emergency procedures, security and much more
  • Review our educational programs
  • If you have questions about Millstone or nuclear energy, call 1-860-444-5797

Visiting Millstone

Dominion Energy's Clean Energy Fleet in Connecticut

shine on

Shine on Connecticut

Supplying solar energy to the people of Connecticut.

fuel cell

Fuel Cell

Increased renewable capacity and clean energy projects in Connecticut.

We Are Millstone

Millstone's Impact - by the numbers