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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Thanks for being a Dominion Energy customer. We appreciate you and the positive business relationship we share. To maintain this good relationship, both Dominion Energy and its customers must clearly understand their options, rights and responsibilities. This is especially important when it comes to things like bill payments, fees and charges, service disconnection and customer concerns or complaints.


Dominion Energy will send you a monthly statement showing all charges. An explanation of all items on the bill is included with each statement. Payment is due within 22 days of the billing date shown on the statement.

There are various ways to pay your bill:

  • Send a check in the envelope provided with your bill;
  • Pay online or over the telephone with a credit card or electronic check (convenience fee may apply);
  • Pay with cash or check at a pay station (convenience fee applies).

For more information, call Dominion Energy at 800-323-5517 or go to

Auto Pay

Customers may request their monthly gas bills be automatically deducted from their banking accounts. This convenient service ensures your gas bill is paid on time each month, and it saves time and postage.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing helps customers avoid the seasonal swings and makes your bill more predictable. Your monthly payment with Budget Billing is based on your billing history and is periodically adjusted to account for your actual gas usage and the cost of natural gas. If your usage is higher or lower than expected, or if there has been a significant rate change, we adjust your payment for the coming year to keep your account in balance.

Meter Reading

Customers' meters are read monthly – some electronically, others manually. As a customer, you are responsible for permitting Dominion Energy personnel safe access to your safe meter. If we cannot obtain information about your actual gas usage, we will calculate your bill based upon past usage.

Connection Fee

There are two options:

  1. $15 plus tax connection fee to initiate service and remove the meter lock so a qualified individual may turn on the meter and light the appliances.
  2. $8 plus tax connection fee if service is already on at the premises and service needs to be transferred into a new name.

Security Deposit

In most cases, Dominion Energy does not require a security deposit from residential customers. However, deposits are required if your identity cannot be validated, upon the filing of bankruptcy, when service is obtained fraudulently or without authorization or when the customer has an outstanding debt with a collections agency. If natural gas service is shut off for nonpayment, a security deposit may be charged before service is reinstated.

If a deposit is required, the amount will be the greater of the highest bill over the past 12 months at the residence, or $125. Security deposits can be paid in three monthly payments. The first payment must be made before service is established or before the deposit's past-due date. The deposit, with interest, is refunded to the customer after a good credit history has been maintained for one year. If a customer discontinues gas service, the deposit plus interest is applied.

How to Read Your Meter

To read your gas meter, use only the four larger dials (the smaller dials are used for testing purposes only). Starting on the left-hand side, write down the lowest number the hand of each dial has passed. For example, the dials, shown in Example A, indicate 2, 5, 3 and 6.


Example A

To determine the amount of gas you have used since the last time your meter was read, we subtract the previous month’s meter reading from the current reading. If you suspect your meter is not recording gas usage accurately, please call us so we can check it.

To Discontinue Service

If you want to discontinue your gas service, please call or use our online self-serve application at least three working days before you want your service shut off. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. If we cannot shut off your service on the day you request, we will do so within four working days of the requested date. If the owner of a rental property requests service shut off, we will leave notice advising the tenants or occupants of the request.

Service Termination

If you have difficulty paying your gas bill, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you make a credit arrangement, such as our Deferred Payment Agreement. We also have information about possible sources of financial assistance.

Reasons for Service Termination

Dominion Energy may terminate a customer’s gas service if:

  • A customer’s account becomes past due and reasonable efforts to obtain payment fail;
  • A customer fails to pay a required security deposit;
  • A customer does not comply with the terms of a Deferred Payment Agreement or a Public Service Commission order;
  • A customer furnishes false information or obtains unauthorized gas service;
  • A customer fails to provide access to the meter; or
  • An emergency or serious safety hazard exists.

Termination Notice for Nonpayment

Dominion Energy will send the customer a termination notice at least 10 calendar days before action is taken to shut off service for nonpayment. Included with the notice is a brochure explaining steps the customer can take to prevent service shut off and information about possible sources of financial assistance.

If service termination is scheduled for a rental property, Dominion Energy will send the termination notice to the rental-property owner as described above, and post a shut-off notice in an obvious location at the rental property five days prior to the proposed shut off to inform the tenants.

At least 48 hours prior to the time when service shut off is scheduled, we will make a good-faith effort to notify the account holder or another adult member of the household, by mail, telephone or personal visit.

Dominion Energy will not shut off service for nonpayment if:

  • A customer is involved in a review of a disputed amount, provided all charges for gas service not associated with the disputed amount are paid on time; or
  • The past-due account was in the name of a former spouse and was accrued prior to filing a divorce or separate-maintenance action.

Medical Necessity Letter

If you are unable to pay your gas bill because of a member of your household has a serious illness or infirmity requiring continued natural gas service, service shut off may be delayed for up to 30 days if you provide a doctor’s statement verifying the medical need for continued service.

Call Dominion Energy for an application. A medical verification prevents service shut off for a limited time; customers who qualify are still responsible to pay for all gas service received.

Customer’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

The Public Service Commission of Utah has established rules about utility consumer/company relationships. These rules cover payment of bills, late charges, security deposits, handling complaints, service disconnections and other matters. These rules assure customers of certain rights and outline customer responsibilities.

The following is a summary of issues that may be important to you, as a consumer. For more information about any of these rights and programs, call Dominion Energy or visit our website at


Dominion Energy will:

  • Provide service, per the tariff, if you are a qualified applicant.
  • Offer you a 12-month deferred payment agreement;
  • Let you pay a security deposit in three installments, if one is required;
  • Follow specific procedures for service disconnection for nonpayment, which include providing you notice postmarked at least 10 days before service is disconnected;
  • Offer winter shut-off protection of utility service to qualifying ratepayers;
  • Advise you of possible financial assistance programs to help you pay your bills;
  • Continue service for a reasonable time if you provide a physician’s statement that a member of your household is experiencing serious illness or infirmity that requires continued natural gas service; and
  • Give you written information about commission rules and your rights and responsibilities as a customer under those rules.


You, the customer, will:

  • Use services safely and pay for them promptly;
  • Contact Dominion Energy when you have a problem with payment, service, safety, billing or customer service;
  • Notify Dominion Energy about billing or other errors;
  • Contact Dominion Energy if you anticipate a payment problem to help establish a payment plan;
  • Notify Dominion Energy if you move to another residence;
  • Notify Dominion Energy about stopping service in your name or about stopping service altogether; and
  • Permit access to your property for essential Dominion Energy personnel and equipment.

Customer-Owned Underground Piping 

If you are one of the few customers who owns underground natural gas piping, Dominion Energy reminds you to check it for corrosion or other damage.

In almost all cases, Dominion Energy's system ends at the meter. The piping beyond the meter belongs to the customer. You are ultimately responsible for periodically maintaining your own piping to prevent hazards that can result from corrosion and/or leakage.

If you own buried natural-gas piping, follow these steps to keep it safe:

  • If it is steel, make sure piping is adequately protected against corrosion;
  • Have piping inspected periodically for corrosion and checked for leaks; and
  • Have piping located, marked and treated with caution while digging nearby.

Repairs should be made as soon as unsafe conditions are found. If you own underground natural gas piping and need to arrange to have it located, inspected, repaired, or protected against corrosion, call a licensed plumber or heating contractor.

Billing Disputes 

If you have a dispute or concern with your gas bill, please contact Dominion Energy to resolve it.

If you are not satisfied with Dominion Energy’s resolution, you may obtain an informal review of the dispute by calling the Utah Division of Public Utilities Complaint Office.

Utah and Idaho customers may contact the Public Service Commission at 160 E. 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. The telephone number is 801-530-7622, or call toll-free statewide at 800-874-0904.

Dominion Energy will not shut off your gas service for nonpayment if the commission informs the company that you are trying to resolve a concern about your bill, as long as you pay the undisputed portion of the bill.

Services for Special Circumstances 

We offer a variety of services that may benefit customers with special circumstances.

Third-Party Notification

Dominion Energy will send a copy of any shut-off notice to a third party designated by a customer (i.e., friend, relative, clergy person, public agency, etc.). We also will make a reasonable effort to contact the third party before shut off occurs.

The third party is not responsible for paying the bill. However, this party may be able to help the customer make arrangements to avoid service termination.

Other Services

Dominion Energy offers excess flow valves (EFVs), which automatically reduce the flow of gas if a customer or contractor accidentally breaks a line while digging. For more information about this service as well as other business policies, natural gas safety and additional services we offer, please call us or visit our website at

Concerns or Complaints 

We are committed to satisfying our customers’ needs. If you ever have a concern or complaint about your natural gas service or your bill, please contact Dominion Energy so we can help you resolve it. We promise to investigate your concern promptly and report the result to you. Any corrective action needed will be completed as quickly as possible.

For more information about Dominion Energy, visit

For customer service, please call 800-323-5517, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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