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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Landlord agreement

A Landlord Agreement allows Dominion Energy to transfer natural gas service into a property owner’s name automatically as soon as a tenant requests disconnection.

  • The Agreement protects your investment. During the winter, water pipes can freeze. The Landlord Agreement helps eliminate this risk.
  • Having the gas service on between tenants also helps with maintenance (cleaning, etc.).

Contact Dominion Energy to request a Landlord Agreement form in the mail.

Yes. However, Dominion Energy may require new commercial-account customers to pay security deposits.

After your initial connection fee, the service is free. Then, when service is transferred into your name, a new meter reading is taken to begin your billing. Future connection fees are waived.

Yes. All properties under the same account can be mailed to one address on one bill.

As the account holder, you will continue to be responsible for any gas service in your name until the tenant initiates service. You are responsible for informing your tenant to arrange for service at the time of occupancy.

You may request that Dominion Energy discontinue the service from being billed in your name. However, you must provide a written statement called an Affidavit for Discontinuance of Service. This sworn statement basically says that if the rental property is occupied, your request to discontinue the service is not a means of evicting the tenant. Once the affidavit is received, Dominion Energy is then obligated to notify the tenant of your request to discontinue the service and allow the tenant five working days to respond. If the rental property is vacant and the affidavit has been signed, we can schedule the service to be shut off. Contact Dominion Energy to obtain the affidavit.

If your tenant’s gas service is terminated for nonpayment, you (or designated agent) will be notified by mail. The gas service will remain off unless you request the service be restored or a tenant makes necessary arrangements to activate service in their name. You will not be responsible for the amount owed by your tenant. No connection fee will be required to restore gas service in your name.

Once gas service is shut off at a property without a Landlord Agreement, a connection fee will be charged to restore gas service.

Yes! Dominion Energy has no way of knowing when real estate is sold or when property changes hands. You must cancel the Landlord Agreement when the property is sold; otherwise, you will continue to be held responsible for all gas service billed in your name. If you receive a bill for service from a property you no longer own, please contact our office immediately.

If you no longer want to be billed for gas service under the Landlord Agreement, or your mailing address or agent is changing, please contact Dominion Energy immediately.

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