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If you are currently an Active Supplier to Dominion Energy, use this link to respond to RFx events and to maintain a complete and accurate company profile.

NOTE: Internet Explorer version 11 and above, with specific compatibility settings, is required to access this site. View our Browser Job Aid or Supplier Registration Job Aid for information on browser settings. Should you still need technical assistance, contact us. Include screenshots of specific errors.

Invoicing & Payment Portal by Taulia

Use this portal for accelerated payments, E-Invoicing, invoice status inquiries, managing banking data, remittance address changes, and contact information. Access to the portal is by invitation only.

Not Enrolled?  Request a portal invitation.

Western Region Suppliers - Please Note

All suppliers for Questar Gas should direct invoices  Invitations to our Invoicing & Payment portal will be sent in January, 2018 to active suppliers with valid email addresses.  If you do not receive an invitation in January, please return to our website and complete this Portal Invitation Request.