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Dominion Energy proposes to construct a solar array on top of the parking garage at its Tredegar Campus in Richmond, Virginia. The array will work within existing zoning guidelines, will advance renewable energy in the city, and will not impact the view of the James River for residents of the adjacent Oregon Hill neighborhood.


  • Provide clean, renewable energy
  • Generate enough energy for the equivalent of 120 homes
  • Does not impact view of the James River from Oregon Hill
  • First project of its kind in the City of Richmond

Overview & Program Description

Over the next 15 years, Dominion Energy plans to add a substantial amount of solar energy to the grid: enough to power 4 million homes when the sun is shining. This is in support of Virginia’s plan for 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2045, as well as our goal to reach net zero carbon and methane emissions across all the states in which we operate by 2050.

In order to meet these renewable energy and sustainability targets, the company is exploring all types of opportunities to develop clean energy resources. Dominion is currently advancing one such project in Richmond, Va., in partnership with Sun Tribe. The project calls for the installation of a small solar array on the top floor of the existing parking garage at our Tredegar Street campus along the James River.

Once up and running, this solar array will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 120 homes—without impacting the view from the Oregon Hill neighborhood and the surrounding area. Furthermore, we intend to dedicate any revenue generated by the array to support education initiatives in Richmond, pending necessary agreements.


For inquires or further information about the project, please contact us at:


  • August 2020—Partnership selection, Sun Tribe Solar
  • September 2020—Letters to neighbors, neighborhood association leaders, community
    leaders, news articles, and project web page with overview, documents, photos and
  • September 2020—File letter with the City of Richmond outlining our plan for this project
  • November 2020—Zoning Confirmation Approved
  • December 2020—Town Hall Meetings
  • January-April 2021—Interconnection Coordination Study
  • November 2020-April 2021—Structural Electrical Engineering
  • October 2021—Construction Permitting*
  • January 2022—Neighborhood open house and site visit tours
  • February-March 2022—Canopy Construction*
  • November 2022—System Operational* 

*Milestones may vary pending processes and conditions.

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