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Natural Gas Service Line Request Form for Goshen and Elberta, Utah

How were the towns of Elberta and Goshen chosen as Dominion Energy Utah’s second natural gas expansion project?

Multiple rural communities are being surveyed to determine their interest in natural gas. All potential communities have been evaluated according to:

  • Project cost
  • The number of potential new customers
  • The impact on current Dominion Energy Utah operations and current infrastructure

Dominion is considering extending service to the towns of Elberta and Goshen. If natural gas is extended to these towns, approximately 340 homes and businesses could receive natural gas service. Dominion anticipates that natural gas service would also help the area’s expected and potential growth

When will construction begin?

This project will be the second to be built under House Bill 422. If the Utah Public Service Commission grants approval of the project, construction would start in Q2 2022, with an in-service date of late 2022. This project will include 4.5 miles of natural gas pipeline. Preliminary routing is underway.

If I live in the towns of Elberta or Goshen and want to get natural gas, how do I find out more about this project?

If you are interested in receiving natural gas, please fill out the service line request form and view the recording of our virtual presentation.

Will Dominion Energy Utah expand natural gas to other cities who need it?

The company views rural expansion under House Bill 422 as an ongoing program with each project subject to Utah Public Service Commission approval.

Proposed Project Maps

Note: these maps are proposed maps and may change

Other Project Materials


  • May 2018 -  The allowance of rolling costs into rate base was passed by the Utah Legislature (House Bill 422).
  • Early 2021 - Preliminary routing and environmental studies are underway.
  • February 2021 - Virtual public meetings held & interest forms collected
  • March 2021 - Commission approval will be required for this project and is expected to be filed during this time.
  • October 2021 - Request Public Service Commission approval
  • Q2 2022 - Construction to begin
  • Q4 2022 – Project In-Service


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