Streetlight Outages

Streetlight Outages

Find out More about Streetlight Outages and How to Report Them

Record the pole number

Please make note of numbers located directly on the streetlight pole and provide them to us when reporting a streetlight outage.

The complete format is either:

  • one letter, four numbers, two letters, two numbers (for example, B1831 RL22), or
  • two letters, two numbers (for example, ND66).

Pole identifiers
Examples of the two types of pole numbers


Report the Streetlight Outage

Call 866-366-4357 or email us to report a streetlight outage.

Contact us directly if it is a public streetlight, or if you pay Dominion Energy to maintain the watchlight on your property. For a neighborhood light on private property, ask your Homeowners Association to contact us.

Make note of pole wraps

In many locations, such as metro areas, streetlight pole wraps provide additional information when repairs can't be made simply by replacing a bulb or photo cell. For information regarding a specific project, please call us at 866-366-4357.

Overhead Repair Required

Blue Pole Wrap

There is an overhead problem and repairs may take about 2-3-weeks.

Underground Repair Required

Green Pole Wrap

There is an underground problem and repairs may take about 2-3-weeks. If extensive damage is found, the yellow wrap may replace the green wrap.

Underground Cable Damaged

Yellow Pole Wrap

There is extensive damage to underground cable. Special equipment and/or permits may be required. Typical repair time is 45+ days.

Streetlight Outage - FAQ

What will the repair involve?

Typically streetlight repair involves one of the following:

- bulb and/or photo cell replacement
- fixture replacement
- overhead or underground cable repair or replacement

How long will it take for someone to investigate my report of an outage?

From the date the outage is reported, the investigation of the outage may take up to five days.

How long will the repair take after the outage is investigated?

Usually the repair takes two-three weeks or less. However, if the entire span of cable needs to be replaced, it could take 45 days or more. In addition, special permits or unexpected field conditions may add time to restoration work. Also, repairs may take longer when crews must repair multiple streetlights at the same time, such as following a major storm, during inclement weather, or as part of municipal-wide lighting surveys.

Why does the replacement light look different?

As lighting fixtures fail, the Mercury Vapor and Sodium Vapor fixtures will be replaced with a more energy efficient LED fixture. Lighting manufacturers and technical experts identified the LED fixture options for replacement. LED offers customers an opportunity for monthly billing savings, and the bill will reflect appropriate changes. Customers also have the opportunity to proactively replace existing Dominion Energy outdoor lights with LED, at a flat rate charge per light. If you pay the monthly bill for the light, please see the Outdoor Lighting page on our website for more information.