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Our third annual Summer Bash celebrated unity, diversity and inclusion within our compay. The event featured BBQ, live entertainment, games, and a raffle. The theme "Stronger Together" was evident throughout the event, with employees collaborating in various activities. This cherished tradition continues to grow each year emphasizing our collective spirit and commitment to inclusion.
Stronger Together

The 3rd annual Summer Bash was an unforgettable experience that perfectly embodied the theme "Stronger Together." This event celebrated the power of unity, diversity, and inclusion within our company and showcased the incredible work of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are all about community, connection, and professional growth—showing that we're unstoppable and united.

A Day of Celebration and Unity

The Summer Bash was filled with activities that brought our employees together in a festive and inclusive atmosphere. The event featured great local BBQ, live entertainment, and a raffle with fantastic prizes. It was a day to remember!

Our ERG leaders, Tasha Christensen and Steve Jensen, spearheaded the event, assisted by the different ERG chapters. Employees from around the company’s footprint attended to enjoy the festivities. Live music was provided by Director of Engineering and Project Management Michael Gill and company retiree Bob Harmer adding a lively backdrop to the day's activities. The event's highlight was undoubtedly the raffle prizes, with the most anticipated prize—a Ninja Woodfire Grill—which was won by Jace Gordon, supervisor of Gas Training Development, sparking excitement among attendees.

Summer Bash

"The theme 'Stronger Together' was not just a slogan but a reality at this event."

- Judd Cook

Voices from the Bash

Tasha Christensen, supervisor of Gas Distribution Engineering and co-chair of the Equity and Inclusion team, shared her thoughts: "The Summer Bash has become a cherished tradition for our team in the West. Over the past three years, we've found immense joy in bringing everyone together. We're like a big family here, and this event strengthens our bonds. We're already looking forward to the next one!"

Steven Jensen, supervisor of Gas Operations and co-chair of the Equity and Inclusion team, added: "Seeing everyone come together and contribute to the event in various ways was truly inspiring. Moments like these remind us of the strength in our unity."

Vice President and General Manager Judd Cook remarked, "The theme 'Stronger Together' was not just a slogan but a reality at this event. Our employees came together to participate and make this event happen. It was a great demonstration of our collaborative spirit and shared commitment to our community."

Showcasing ERG Missions

One of Summer Bash's standout features was how each ERG's unique mission was showcased. The event was a true embodiment of camaraderie and inclusion, encapsulating the mission of all the ERGs. Employees from every department sat down to have lunch, catch up, or make new friends. It was heartening to see everyone enjoying themselves without work pressures, simply appreciating each other's company.

Stronger Together

The theme "Stronger Together" was woven into every aspect of the event. From the collaborative planning efforts to the inclusive activities, the Summer Bash was a testament to the strength and unity that defines our company. Employees helped with every aspect of the event—from setting up chairs to cleaning up afterward and ensuring everyone had beverages. It was a great team effort, demonstrating that when we work together, we achieve more.

Summer Bash

Growing Success

As we reflect on the success of this year's Summer Bash, we are proud to see that the event continues to grow each year. The turnout and participation have increased, with more employees joining the celebration and contributing to its success. The planning committee, led by dedicated members of our ERGs, is committed to making each year better than the last, ensuring that this cherished tradition continues to grow and evolve.

The 3rd Annual Summer Bash was not just an event but a celebration of our collective spirit and commitment to inclusion. It demonstrated that when we come together, we are truly stronger. Here's to many more years of unity and celebration.

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