New Construction

New Construction

Are you constructing a new building(s) that will need electric service from Dominion Energy? Follow these simple steps to ensure your service is connected properly at the time you require it.

Step One: Initiate a Work Request

  1. Gather the following information (needed to set up a work request):
    • Legal name of company
    • Name, address, and phone number for an officer and registered agent of the company
    • Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Contact telephone number
    • Mailing address
  2. Use the navigation panel to view the appropriate service requirement to prepare for our call.
  3. Create your work request with eBuilder or contact us at 888-569-5700 to start the process. We'll contact you for details and a copy of the plat.
  4. Track your Work Request. (Note: To track your work request, you'll need your Work Request Number.)

    Track your work request
    You will need your Work Request Number

Step Two: Ensure Requirements for Service are Met

  1. Allow Dominion energy to visit the property to determine electric service needs.
  2. Sign any needed easement and agreement documentation and make any necessary payments to Dominion Energy. (Dominion Energy will determine if there are applicable customer charges and also prepare necessary documentation, such as Easement Process and Agreements.)
  3. Ensure metering requirements and electrical requirements are met (Refer to The Blue Book - New Services, Temporary Services and sections 220 and 230, Metering and Meter Location).
  4. Initiate the electric inspection from the county or city building inspector's office. The inspector's office will notify Dominion Energy of approval.
  5. Make sure all of the items on the Site Ready Checklist are completed. 

Step Three: Install Your Service

  1. Schedule the installation with Dominion Energy.
    Keep in mind: Construction schedules vary depending on the size and scope of work. External factors like bad weather, emergencies or outages also affect construction scheduling. If any digging is required with the installation, we will call 811 to mark the existing public underground utility lines, such as cable TV, water, gas, etc. Digging can't begin until all underground facilities are marked.

    Once your site is ready and requirements are satisfied, Dominion Energy will provide an approximate time the electric service installation may begin

Step Four: Your Account

  1. Review and pay fees, as required.
    • Deposit requirements - Depending upon credit verification, a security deposit may be required.
    • Service initiation fee - A service initiation fee of $14.10 VA or $31.65 NC (29.58 + 2.07 tax) will be billed on the first bill.
  2. Manage your Account Online (optional)

    Once your service is connected, you can sign in / register your account online, which allows you to sign up for eBill, make payments online, and more!

Letter of Responsibility

A letter will be generated to any new commercial customer with a projected load of 500 KW or more. It states that a Dominion Energy representative will be in contact to execute the Agreement for the Purchase of Electricity contract.

To make sure the account is open when you need it, contact us as soon as you know your schedule. We need a minimum of 2 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Once construction is complete and the necessary inspections are received, we will set the meter.