Hot Weather Safety Tips

Summer safety tips

Storm safety 

Storm Safety

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Call Dominion Energy if you spot one at 1-866-366-4357.
  • If you hear thunder, go indoors -- you are in danger from lightening.
  • During severe storms, stay in an interior, ground-floor room away from windows.
  • If stuck outside during a storm, avoid high ground, water, isolated trees, and metal objects.
  • Don't drive down flooded streets.
  • Report any power outage to Dominion Energy on our website or by calling 866-366-4357.

Lake & river safety 

Lake & River Safety*

  • Swim with a friend and don’t let children swim unsupervised.
  • Watch out for currents, waves and underwater obstructions.
  • Always enter unknown or shallow water feet first.
  • Wear a flotation device when boating or rafting.
  • Keep in mind that conditions may change without warning during floods and events affecting water release schedules.
  • If caught in fast-flowing water, float feet first in a half sit position.

Contact Dominion Energy to report outages and downed power lines.

At Dominion Energy, we're ready for hot weather

We spend lots of resources throughout the year to inspect, maintain, and upgrade our electrical system. Our power stations and generation sources are in good shape and ready for any type of weather.

We will continue to provide reliable service to our customers even as the temperature climbs.

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