Natural Gas Projects

Listed below are projects that involve the transportation and/or delivery of natural gas.

Western Projects

Eureka Project
This project will include 11 miles of high-pressure pipeline and about 360 service lines to homes and businesses in Eureka, Utah.

Salt Lake City System Improvement
This project also replaces aging natural gas pipelines under major streets in and around downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Gas Feeder Line 133
This project is expanding a section of Feeder Line 133 in St. George and Washington County, Utah.

Gas Feeder Line 122
This project replaces aging natural gas pipelines under major streets in West Bountiful, Centerville, Farmington, Kaysville and Layton, Utah.

Gas Feeder Line 127
This project is relocating/replacing a section of Feeder Line 127 natural gas pipeline that extends from Wellsville in Cache County to Farr West in Weber County Utah.

Magna LNG
This project will provide an alternate source of natural gas so customers have a steady, reliable flow of gas to their homes and businesses.

Eastern Projects (includes Midwest and Northeast)

Augusta Project
This project will assist with meeting the growing energy needs of Dominion Energy Ohio customers.

Pipeline Replacement and Expansion
Dominion Energy West Virginia will replace more than 1,000 miles of the company’s 3,146 mile distribution pipeline system in West Virginia.

Pipeline Infrastructure Replacement
Dominion Energy Ohio will replace more than 5,500 miles of the company’s 22,000-mile pipeline system in Ohio.

Short Creek Project
The Short Creek Project will provide necessary updates to the existing natural gas pipeline system in order to meet growing energy needs in the region.

Supply Header Project
This project will allow the transport of natural gas from supply areas in OH, PA and WV to market areas in VA and NC.

Tri-West Project
This project will help meet growing demand for natural gas to serve Midwest markets.

West Loop Project
This project will help meet the increasing demand for natural gas in the Midwest and improve regional energy reliability by providing gas supply to a new electric power-generation facility in Ohio.