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April 2018

Delivering Sustainable Value

Delivering Sustainable Value 

From investing in cleaner energy to strengthening local communities, we’re committed to operating in a responsible manner. You deserve to feel good about where your energy comes from, and to know that you’re getting a good deal for your energy dollar. See more.



Celebrating the Lives of Seniors

Helping seniors create memoirs 

Dominion Energy recently partnered with the South Richmond Adult Day Care Center to document and honor the lives of seven senior citizens who spend most weekdays at the center.

The personal history project was spearheaded by Vera Thoms, a corporate philanthropy coordinator at Dominion who has a passion for helping others preserve and tell their life stories. While meeting with the center’s executive director, Vera suggested she could work with the seniors and their caregivers to gather and organize their favorite photos, memories and words of wisdom into shadowboxes or books.

“Every person has a unique life story, and I think it’s really important to capture and preserve those experiences and memories to share with others,” said Thoms. For seniors, in particular, it can be a cathartic exercise that helps them find value and worth in their own lives and share that legacy with future generations.

In late January, Dominion Energy hosted a “Portrait of My Loved One” event to share and present the finished personal histories to family members and staff. Family members were invited to take the stage to share their own memories and many took the chance to express their love and gratitude.

As Eileen Hopson, the wife of army veteran Andrew Hopson said, “I’m so thankful for the staff here for giving us this wonderful home away from home and I’m thankful to Dominion Energy for this amazing history project.” A few of the memories Andrew shared: He was a championship bowler and could outrun his young nephews into his seventies.

To cap off the celebration, Vera announced that the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation would donate a $5,000 grant to provide music and art therapy to the seniors at the center, another way to keep them connected and engaged in life and those around them.



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