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May 2018

The future is bright with Solar for Students

Dominion Energy has expanded its Solar for Students program to give more students the chance to observe and learn how power is generated by the sun. The hands-on learning program provides a permanent solar array right outside the classroom and the materials, training and curriculum needed to engage children in learning the science behind renewable energy.

Solar for Students was introduced as a pilot at four schools three years ago, and this year it is being introduced at five more schools. Dominion Energy and its partners will host "Solarbration" events this spring to showcase the latest solar projects and give the community the chance to learn more about this collaborative learning endeavor. In addition, the company just announced plans to expand the program to eight more schools. Funding for Solar for Students is provided through the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation. 

Get your house in shape for summer

As the warm weather approaches, many of us find ourselves working a little harder to get our bodies in shape.  But now is a great time to get your house in shape as well.  Check out these measures to help trim your summer energy bills.

  1. Check for attic air leaks around recessed light fixtures, pipes, wiring, and flues.Seal them with expandable foam or caulk.
  2. Consider installing a whole-house fan.The fan draws cool outside air through open windows and pulls hot indoor air into the attic and outdoors.
  3. Install ENERGY STAR® certified ceiling fans.Ceiling fans make your skin feel cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat to save energy by adjusting temperatures based on your schedule.
  5. Hire a qualified professional to inspect and clean your air conditioning system.This will help ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency.
  6. Don’t spend your energy dollars outside.Seal windows with caulk and install weather stripping around exterior doors.
  7. Is your roof getting up there in age?Replace it with a cool roof.Cool roof materials reflect solar heat, keeping it from radiating into your home.

Now your home is fit to handle the hottest summer temperatures.  The payoff is lower energy costs and increased comfort.  Just sit back and enjoy the savings.

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Project Plant It! hits half-million milestone

Project Plant It! is the environmental education program created by Dominion Energy to educate children, plant trees and improve the environment. Each year, this program teaches thousands of students and community members about the value of trees in our ecosystem and how to recognize and care for them.  Through the program, each participating child receives a free redbud tree seedling to plant at home for Arbor Day. This year marks a major milestone with the distribution of 500,000 tree seedlings since the program began in 2007, which equates to about 1,250 acres of new forest.

With Project Plant It!, educators receive STEM-based lesson plans and instructional tools that can be downloaded at no charge at This year, to further engage children about the many benefits that trees provide to the ecosystem, a new lesson plan about conservation of natural resources was added to the Educator's Guide on the website. Along with this manual of 12 lesson plans and helpful resources, the website features interactive games and videos about trees that children can enjoy with adults.