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Person LNG Project Rendering

Project Summary

Dominion Energy plans to build a liquified natural gas (LNG) storage facility in Person County, North Carolina to enhance natural gas service reliability for residential and business customers in the growing region. Dominion Energy studied several potential sites, and an array of data was collected during the site selection process, including but not limited to, construction feasibility, minimizing landowner impacts, connection to our existing natural gas system and avoiding environmentally sensitive areas. Construction began in early 2024 and the facility is anticipated to be in service in early 2027.

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This site was selected because existing pipelines Dominion Energy has owned and operated for decades cross the property, providing the natural gas needed for the storage facility. As such, no additional pipelines will need to be constructed in the area, further reducing impacts to surrounding residents. During the site review process, Dominion Energy also studied and considered environmental, aesthetic and cultural resource data, to name a few, when selecting the site that would best minimize impacts to the community and environment.
Dominion Energy is an experienced owner and operator of liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities in North Carolina, South Carolina and Utah, and has a positive track record of safety and compliance. This facility will be designed with safety as a top priority. Learn more about how we will operate Moriah Energy Center safely.
Safety is first among Dominion Energy’s core values. Dominion Energy is an experienced LNG facility operator and has a track record of safety and compliance. Moriah Energy Center will be staffed around the clock and will feature automatic shutdown capabilities, sophisticated monitoring for leaks, and robust security. The company will also work with first responders to train them annually in emergency response. Moriah Energy Center will be regulated at the state and federal level and would be subject to inspections. Learn more about how we will operate Moriah Energy Center safely.
The LNG will be converted from a liquid state back into a gas and transported through Dominion Energy’s existing distribution system when supplies are constrained during the heating season. This way, customers will have greater assurance of uninterrupted natural gas service on the coldest winter days. The Moriah Energy Center will solely serve Dominion Energy’s natural gas customers in the region.  Learn more about the need for the project.
As Dominion Energy continues to strengthen system reliability with energy infrastructure, the company can work with the county on opportunities to recruit employers to this area, given that many manufacturers/industrial businesses require affordable and reliable natural gas. Learn more about the benefits of the project.
Dominion Energy provides natural gas service to over 650,000 North Carolinians and is obligated to provide safe and reliable service for its customers under the purview of the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Regardless of any change in ownership at the parent company level, the North Carolina gas utility and its employees will continue providing the service its growing customer base needs, including during the coldest periods of the year. This includes continued implementation of projects the utility has embarked on to better serve customers. Any new parent company will also need to comply with local, state, and federal permits, as well as regulations pertaining to the operation of Moriah Energy Center and will uphold the related commitments.
Plant operations will not affect well water. Well water will be used for employee facilities (restrooms and kitchen) and to refill the firewater storage tank, which would only be used and refilled in the unlikely event of an emergency. Dominion Energy does not expect to utilize the tank or refill it as part of normal operations. Firewater equipment will be tested periodically, but those tests will not draw significant amounts of water. Learn more about how we will protect steams, wetlands and drinking water.

Blasting operations will begin in May and continue intermittently several days a week this spring. Blasting will occur at the center of Dominion Energy's property and measures are being taken to further dampen related noise. Noise, if heard, is not expected to be disruptive and can be compared to the sound of distant rolling thunder or dampened percussion.

These activities and are safe, controlled and are being conducted by an experienced team. Monitoring is in place to follow all applicable regulations and ensure no impacts outside of Dominion Energy’s property. Since Dominion Energy operates transmission pipelines onsite, additional precautions will be employed to further ensure safety.

While traffic will increase during construction, Dominion Energy will work to mitigate traffic impacts and will have traffic control when needed to assist motorists. Learn more about how Dominion Energy will work to reduce impacts during construction.
Dominion Energy will only use about a sixth of the acquired property for the facility and plans to leave a significant tree buffer. Therefore, the company does not anticipate that lighting or noise will impact the surrounding properties once Moriah Energy Center is operational. Learn more about how Dominion Energy will minimize operational impacts.
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