Hire North Carolina

Hire North Carolina


Hire North Carolina allows utilities to engage with resident North Carolina contractors, resulting in:

  Economic Development
  Job Creation
  Stronger Communities


At Dominion Energy, we value and support our partnerships with local and diverse suppliers. We support the North Carolina Public Utility Commission’s implementation of Hire North Carolina. We welcome the opportunity to do business with North Carolina companies as part of this program.



The Hire North Carolina List


About the List

As part of Hire North Carolina, we’ve created a Hire North Carolina List. This list consists of “resident contractors” who want to do business with Dominion Energy and who perform work related to construction, extension, and/or repair of electric facilities.

Resident contractor - a prime contractor or subcontractor, be it corporate, individual or a partnership, that is domiciled or with its principal place of business in the state of North Carolina.
Domiciled - refers to the location of either the corporate headquarters or the company’s executive management and key managerial and support staff.

Hire North Carolina


Getting on the List

If your organization would like to be included on the Hire North Carolina List, please ensure it is registered in the Ariba Network and has created a unique Dominion Energy Ariba Network account (see below for more info).

Hire North Carolina


The Ariba Network


New Suppliers

New potential suppliers who have not yet established a relationship with Dominion Energy can navigate to our potential suppliers page for the link to register in the Ariba Network. Suppliers with headquarters in North Carolina will be asked to complete specific questions regarding their headquarters location and their intent to be included on the Dominion Energy Hire North Carolina List.

Current Suppliers

Current suppliers who already have a relationship with Dominion Energy in the Ariba Network should expect to receive a Hire North Carolina Self-Certification questionnaire in the Ariba Network to affirm headquarters location and confirm the intent to be included on the Dominion Energy Hire North Carolina List.

Our supplier partnerships translate into economic growth and employment opportunities in the communities we serve.


Hire North Carolina
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