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Electricity Reregulation in Virginia - the 2007 General Assembly passed legislation, S.B. 1416 and H.B. 3068, which re-established retail rate regulation.

Effective January 1, 2009, electricity customers with annual demands more than 5 MW acquired the option to shop for competitive electricity supply, as well as 2 or more nonresidential retail customers that aggregate to reach 5 MW of load to become qualified to purchase electric energy from a Competitive Service Provider and petition, and receive approval from, the Virginia State Corporation Commission. In addition, individual retail customers regardless of customer class may purchase Electricity Supply Service provided 100% from renewable energy from a Competitive Service Provider if the Company does not offer an approved tariff for electric energy provided 100% from renewable energy.

Dominion Energy welcomes Competitive Service Providers (CSPs) interested in the company's energy choice program.

Supplier Information Center

The Supplier Information Center serves as a resource for Competitive Service Providers (CSPs) and Aggregators who wish to conduct business in Dominion Energy's service territory. CSPs and Aggregators must obtain a license from the Virginia State Corporation Commission prior to registering with Dominion Energy.

Registration Information

Prior to submitting an application for registration with Dominion Energy, an applicant must obtain either a Competitive Service Provider (CSP) license or an Aggregator License from the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

CSPs and Aggregators interested in participating in the Company's energy choice program must submit the appropriate registration documents in addition to other registration requirements detailed in Section 6.0 or 21.0 of the Competitive Service Provider Coordination Tariff. For each of the agreements and forms submitted, provide the requested information, endorse the signature areas by a qualified representative of the applicant, and mail the original, signed documents to:

U. S. Postal Delivery

Dominion Energy
Electric Supplier Relations
15th Floor
P. O. Box 26666
Richmond, VA 23261-6666
Courier Delivery

Dominion Energy
Electric Supplier Relations
15th Floor
701 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Credit Methodology

S & P Type Model

Dominion Energy's credit estimate model serves to approximate the ratings that the evaluated entity would likely receive from Standard and Poor's (AAA, AA, A, etc). This process is completed through selecting financial ratios the Company believes are most indicative of the credit quality, and also the S & P rating of the firm. The first ratio used is the funds from operations to debt ratio. This ratio describes what portion of the firm's liabilities could be recovered from funds provided from the normal course of business over a twelve month period. The second ratio used is the funds from operations interest coverage ratio. This ratio describes how much in excess of the firm's interest obligations is earned in the normal course of business. The third ratio is the total debt to total capital ratio. This ratio is used to provide a measure of the firm’s leverage. For a given downturn in business activity, a firm with higher leverage will have a greater probability of defaulting on their obligations than a less leveraged firm.

The Company's method of calculation is to assign an S & P rating to each ratio calculated. This is done by matching the computed ratio to the average ratio of a firm's peers in each S & P rating grade. The next step is to calculate the Company's rating estimate using a weighted average of all the ratings estimates. The ratio the Company believes is most indicative of credit quality is the funds from operations interest coverage ratio. This ratio receives a 40% weighting in the calculation. The Company believes the other two ratios are slightly less indicative of credit quality, they each receive a 30% weighting in the calculation.

CSP Registration

A CSP registration application must include the following documents:

  1. Competitive Service Provider Registration Form
  2. Trading Partner Set-Up Form and Trading Partner Certification Checklist
  3. Competitive Service Provider Agreement, Trading Partner Agreement, and verification of PJM Interconnection LLC membership
  4. Security Administrator Form
  5. PJM Letter in Good Standing
  6. Copy of License issued by Virginia State Corporation Commission

Aggregator Registration

An aggregator registration application must include the following documents:

  1. Aggregator Registration Form
  2. Aggregator Agreement
  3. Security Administrator Form
  4. Copy of License issued by Virginia State Corporation Commission

The application documents are also available from Supplier Relations by e-mailing us.

CSP Coordination Tariff & Attachments


  • Aggregator Registration Form
    The Aggregator Registration Form is specifically for aggregators, as defined by 20 VAC 5-312-10 of the Virginia State Corporation Commission's Rules Governing Retail Access.
  • CSP Registration Form
    Provides Dominion Energy with basic information about the CSP including credit, banking and contact information. This form is a prerequisite for EDI Certification Testing.
  • Trading Partner Set-up Form
    Provides Dominion Energy with EDI contact information and the Trading Partner's EDI identification.
  • Trading Partner Certification (TPC) Checklist - Competitive Service Providers
    Provides Dominion Energy with areas of known EDI non-compliance, exceptions, and information on understanding your responsibilities.
  • Security Administrator Form
    Provides access to the Dominion Energy's CSP secured sites for the individuals specified on the form. The Security Administrator serves as the primary point of contact for Electric Supplier Relations on secured site inquiries for the CSP.

Operational Information

For more information, contact us.