SAP Ariba Network® Now Live!

Dominion Energy is pleased to announce the launch of our Ariba Network to further streamline and integrate our procurement processes. We have partnered with SAP Ariba® to launch online supplier registration and our digital procurement platform fulfilling our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents.

Supplemental Contractor Charges System

contractors reviewing computer

Dominion Energy is excited to introduce our new Supplemental Contractor Charges System (SCS). This system is primarily used by suppliers who support Dominion Energy Virginia Electric Transmission, Distribution Operations and Forestry operating groups to capture labor, equipment and miscellaneous charges billed on a time and material or cost-plus basis.

The SCS Contractor Manual should be referenced for all suppliers currently utilizing SCS.

At its sole discretion, Dominion Energy Virginia will select all suppliers for use of SCS. If selected, Dominion Energy will advise and train suppliers on the use of this system. Suppliers do not have the ability to self enroll in SCS. However, suppliers are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Invoicing & Payment Portal, which allows paperless invoicing.

For more information on the portal, view the Dominion Energy Supplier Invoicing and Payment Portal Overview.